only the following programming languages exist:

impressed by the strong showing made by awk, guess it’s the next one I learn...

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@mxsparks I am suspicious that none of these are real and you made up the letter combinations.

I wouldn't know the difference

@starless @mxsparks I have heard of two of them and used one of them (briefly) so it's at least 40% real

(I voted for the one I'd used (briefly))

@mxsparks tool command language is the winner, good one, in fact I did not know

@mxsparks maybe it's an availability/necessity thing! it's the only one of these i know, as i

hmm, what the heck am i

hacker that gets paid somehow

@mxsparks going to the heckathon~

*puts on my h3cker hoodie*


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