Non-sex workers have such a strange hangup around sex work, it's kinda weird and creepy and stop throwing your ideals and hangups onto other people and their professions.

Not all sex workers hate their jobs. Not all sex workers need to be rescued. Conflating all of this denies sex workers their bodily autonomy.

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I'm annoyed because I saw somebody comment on Indya Moore's insta post about how "shouldn't sex be based on mutual attraction???? I don't believe sex workers like their jobs and you should only work in doing what you love"

And truly Carol, shut the fuck up. Nobody asked you.

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@guerrillarain attempted criticisms of sex work accidentally criticizing the conditions of all labor under capitalism = πŸ˜½πŸ‘Œ

@guerrillarain @mxsparks I haven't heard from literally every sex worker, but from the ones I have, I'd say there's pretty good odds they enjoy their job more than most people.

@pillowcat @guerrillarain @mxsparks @RebelleCunt does great work and writing on this, mostly on birdland, but has also started the Heaux History Project. Good place for the centering of sex workers, esp the most marginalized ones always left out. πŸ€™πŸΎβ€‹

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that's right, I only make websites for people whose lives I truly believe in and I definitely do not take money for it.

also I subsist on air and sunlight

oops sorry I'm a tree

@mxsparks @guerrillarain I've def seen people say "well I don't disapprove, but what about all the risks of injury, harm, etc." and then I'm just like .... Walmart? Construction?

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