“But doctor,” she says, hitting him over the head with the UCSF/Endocrine Society/WPATH guidelines she printed out just to bring to her appointment, “*you’re* Pagliacci!”

(an attempt to explain the joke) 


(apologies for any inaccuracy)

There's an old (?) joke where a man goes to the doctor to talk about his despair and hopelessness. The doctor tells him that he should go see the great clown Pagliacci who is in town and have an evening of laughter and joy. The man bursts into tears and says, "But doctor, /I/ am Pagliacci!"

Thus, by changing the punchline to "But doctor, /you're/ Pagliacci!", the above reinterprets the joke not as a doctor offering a treatment that unexpectedly turns out to be impossible, but as a doctor abnegating their duty for specious reasons. In the context of the UCSF/Endocrine Society/WPATH guidelines (guidelines related to the prescription of transition care to trans patients), this places the doctor in a long history of medical professionals refusing treatment to trans patients for specious reasons.

re: (an attempt to explain the joke) 

@packbat oh dang

I just meant it as “he refuses care for specious reasons, so she calls him a clown and it devolves it into a slapstick scene”

but I like the version where she’s telling him “no, this is *your* job (this is your *job*)” just as well if not better

re: (an attempt to explain the joke) 

@mxsparks 😄

glad to have misinterpreted it for you, then!

re: (an attempt to explain the joke) 

@packbat oh it’s totally canon now

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