trans formative experiences (+) 

early transition is kind of like spending an entire year at the optometrist

"1 or 2?" "heck i can't tell, it all still looks like a bunch of squiggles"

"1 or 2?" "agh 2 2 2, 1 is worse than no lenses and it's already giving me a headache"

"1 or 2?" "uhhhh 1 i guess?"

"1 or 2?" "2 ... wait hang on, i can see all the way down the hallway now, cool!"


trans formative experiences (-) 

i've been lucky; i skipped the parts where:

- your first optometrist shrugs and says you probably just have a glasses fetish

- your second optometrist says you don't need glasses because you could see well enough to drive here (you took the bus) and you should try to be a better ally to folks with actual vision problems

- your partner says they could never be attracted to a glasses-wearing version of you & packs their bags

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