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morning prayers, April 5, 2021 

i understand,
and i love you.
thank you for trusting me,
and i'm sorry you're in such pain.
but we won't do that yet, because,
as in one of our favorite poems:

This is not all I am.
I [have] something else in mind to do.

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i suppose i’m “woman-identified” — but in the second-wave lesbian-feminist sense, not the “trans 101 as taught in 2019” sense

Europeans actually have several different ethnic groups with distinct histories. There are the proud & warlike western europeans, the aloof & intellectual scandinavians, and the gregarious russians (also known as eastern europeans). Even these can be broken down into further ethnic groups!

racism again (this stuff is my job, don't expect me to slow down), referencing events 

like okay i think i have this out of my system for the moment but uh like

no. no you don't get to enjoy being white. that's not how it works. the entire CONCEPT of being white was created as a superiority thing. WE did this. not anybody else. White people are the ones who decided that white meant "the domineering ethnicities." I mean, that's how races get homogenized and "turned white." that's the criteria.

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eye contact 

im having way too much fun making tik toks for myself lmao

you can't reform the police because the system isn't broken, its actually working at peak efficiency. you're just now realizing its intended purpose.

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unfair, food, not vegan 

i made hamburgers for dinner last night, and now the kitchen smells like delicious hamburgers, but we already ate all the hamburgers >:o

how to insult a trans person without being a transphobic fartnozzle about it 

oh! you mean like [insert BreadTuber here]? i love [their] work!

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how to insult a trans person without being a transphobic fartnozzle about it 

why don't you go read PubMed or something

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how to insult a trans person without being a transphobic fartnozzle about it 

pssst your roots are showing, do you want people to think you're a natural greenhead or not?

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how to insult a trans person without being a transphobic fartnozzle about it 

oh i love your name! i used to play Stardew Valley all the time~

i realised that i can just put away projects in progress in large esd-safe bags. ordered some A4 sized bags to put away larger boards yesterday but i can just as easily use them as "project boxes" for a fraction (17c/bag) of the cost!

today in physical things that I always think are kind of counterintuitive and neat: the way my electric kettle starts making noise at the onset of nucleate boiling and gets louder but then *quieter* once the bulk temperature gets warm enough that the little steam bubbles don't immediately collapse

iiii waaaaant more tattoos: a discreet and/or discrete little trans-istor :transistor: on my hip; wildflowers from home (the unkillable ones like dandelions, clover, thistles — *maybe* phlox and/or violets if I’m feeling delicate) growing up around one ankle; even just the tired old trans pun “on ne naît pas femme” on a banner …

my gender:
witch that lost a duel to another witch and, as per the fight conditions, is now her familiar, and is less and less secretive about how much she actually loves it

fake katy perry lyric 

california girls, we're unforgivable
"why is no one on Tinder a top?"
sun-kissed skin, so hot we'll melt your popsicle
oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

california girls, we're unreliable
"oh my god, let's hang out sometime"
west coast represent, now put your hands up
oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

anyway this is part of why it is a HUGE deal that gay people, and aspects of our personal lives that cishets share openly, are considered inappropriate for children and for public spaces where children are present.

it is a defining nature of our oppression, like that of ableism, that gay people arise in every setting from every background and are largely raised by people who do not share our oppression. and parents have a frightening amount of control over their children.

while it is almost never true of any period in history or in any place that *adults* are truly ignorant of gay people, it is *often* true that for a substantial portion of our childhoods, gay children's only exposure to gay people is threats and dire warnings.

the illusion for gay adults that there are no gay people in the past is relatively incomplete. by contrast, the illusion that there are no gay people, in the past or now, is relatively complete for gay children.

openly gay teachers are life-or-death.

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black jellybeans

black jellybeans

Jerome K Jerome on FOSS 

“There are two ways you can get exercise out of a bicycle: you can “overhaul” it, or you can ride it.  On the whole, I am not sure that a man who takes his pleasure overhauling does not have the best of the bargain.  He is independent of the weather and the wind; the state of the roads troubles him not.  Give him a screw-hammer, a bundle of rags, an oil-can, and something to sit down upon, and he is happy for the day....”

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