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[Janet voice] I’m not a sir 🙂
[Bad Janet voice, sotto voce] ... ya ding dong 😛

bad: this place is not a place of honor. no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here. nothing valued is here.

sad: this post contains forward-looking statements. these statements involve risks and uncertainties. actual results may differ.

Paternity Leave (2015) 

ghwb (may he rot) refusing to participate in an EEG study 

subtoot about multiple threads 

subtoot about multiple threads 

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normal brain: different characters are different
big brain: all movies share a meta-universe but are otherwise distinct
galaxy brain: Patrick Bateman is Batman's evil alter ego
cosmic brain: Bruce Wayne starred in American Psycho in the DC universe

beat saber (+) 

the dunning-kubler model of realizing you suck at a thing

me: i don’t believe in souls, we’re all just matter and that’s enough
also me: what no i don’t need to adjust my brain meds, it’s just that everything is uniquely shitty this month for no reason

short story: ARRIVE!

"Confidence Woman Prologue 1: Jade"

cw: implied sex, implied violence

many thanks to ideas woman, data angel and editor prime: @vyr

the transvestite/transsexual joke, as told by RuPaul (this is A Cancellable Offense for cisgender people) 

the transvestite/transsexual joke, as told by RuPaul (this is A Cancellable Offense for cisgender people) 

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the transvestite/transsexual joke, as I learned it (this is Forbidden Knowledge to cisgender people) 

been thinking about that one time when RuPaul tried to tell the transvestite/transsexual joke but got the punchline wrong

shitty names for shitty people 

shitty names for shitty people 

the way Republicans treat any Muslim who has a prominent public position is in the exact same tradition as the Nazis who began raising outrage over Ernst Cohn, a Jewish law professor, as a way of testing the waters for a more widespread purge of all Jewish professionals

Whilst on strike: "your work is vital to the functioning of the university, and your refusal to do it causes severe harm both to the institution and students that attend it. it is vital that you return to work immediately"

Whilst not on strike: "we can unfortunately not allocate a minor amount of additional resources to improve workplace conditions. other sections are more important than yours"

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