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hey siri why are all these people on the internet talking about getting oil from their city’s Central Business District to help with chronic pain and/or anxiety

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Wohooo, wir haben meinen Vortrag "Die eigene Stimme hacken" zum Thema femininer gelesene Stimme auf dem #35C3 doch noch gerettet bekommen. Die Aufzeichnung gibts ab sofort hier:

Und die Folien inkl. Speaker Notes hier:

🏳️‍🌈 :trans_flag:

Note: I have been reminded that "ladies" is gender-neutral, so "ladies and gentlemen" can be parsed as "everyone, including those who don't accept 'ladies' as gender-neutral"

and the day is brighter

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What is a toolchain? A miserable little pile of Tcl. But enough talk — have at you!

The nice thing about the web back when we were all on dial-up is that eventually all the content on websites actually fully loaded

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look all i want is to move my polycule to boston and open a combination hackerspace computer history museum is that too much to ask

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crossword clue: “Century in American politics” ( _ E _ A _ E ) Show more

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SPDY and thus HTTP/2 have made a big deal of being a binary protocol and being compressed. Oh, and tokenized. All in order to make web page transmission more efficient.

Yes. The company that recently introduced a several second interstitial animation of an envelope opening up when I open my Gmail is *very* concerned with how quickly web pages load up.

The fact that all this multiplexing, tokenization and compression make it harder to intercept the streams for ads is coincidental, I'm sure.

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