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covid and/or pol, pooptoot but still pretty dark 

And darkness and decay and Capital held illimitable dominion over all.

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“I didn’t sign up to be a stereotype,” says subby computer engineer with purple-brown side shave and cat ears hanging from her webcam

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i suppose i’m “woman-identified” — but in the second-wave lesbian-feminist sense, not the “trans 101 as taught in 2019” sense

Proceeding deep, next comms window 04/1200Z Nov ...

discussions of transphobia 

the documentary disclosure was good and also made something click in my head about cis representations of trans people, im sure its not a new thought but i never put it together in this way so i thought id verbalize it

fundamentally, the problem is that cis people dont get why we transition. the answer is we just do; it feels good for us to do it. but they cant accept that; they need a more concrete reason for us to do so. so they make them up


The stone stairs to the left are unlit, heading into darkness; the breeze from ahead is strong.

You take the stairs carefully. There's nobody here to see you be bold - and nobody to rescue you.

Still, near the bottom of the stairs, your foot slips out from under you. You flail out. Your flashlight flies away, clatters, flickers off.

You manage to catch yourself on something.

You lurch forward; without the flashlight's light, you see a glow on the floor's edges.


Do you:

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You're standing at the edge of the Pencatte Catacombs Park, where the curated, protected ruins are fenced off from the real catacombs that run under most of Pencatte.

Your friends have a tradition of Halloween dares. This year, your past dares have come back to bite you:
you're going into the catacombs.

Your friends are cheering & jeering - they're NOT coming with you.

It's just you, these bolt cutters, and the darkness.

You flip your friends off & walk into the dark.


deprecation: "hormonal self-worth control pills"
education: "Transcendental Medication (TM)"

Melancholia n COVID 

The future is gone, the thing I thought may exist at some point, is no longer graspable. Luxuriating in this feeling involves a lot of what feeding depression can look like - not going outdoors, not engaging with friends, separating oneself slowly but surely from what helps us move through grief.
I know I move in and out of that, but I think as this future continues to not be accessible to us - the world we thought we had is gone - being aware of this self-indulgent 3/

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Boost and (or reply to this post with a suggestion) and I'll add your username or display name of your choice to the Systems list! If you have multiple suggestions that's ok too!

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uspol, voting rule of thumb 

@mxsparks yeah, I know that feeling. That's why it's worth saying.

You deserve a world where you do not have to be scared.

uspol, childhood indoctrination 

they train you to recite “... with liberty and justice for all,” and expect you to believe in it the way evangelicals believe in Jesus’ gift of salvation: inherent, irresistible, and entirely passive on your part

priming you, when someone points out that (whether honestly aspirational or not) it’s simply counterfactual, to interpret that person’s argument as pure hate, pointless and destructive and most certainly evil

On this day in 1859, John Brown & a small team of abolitionists attacked the Federal Armory at Harper's Ferry, in order to acquire arms for an anti-slavery insurrection. Though the attack failed and the conspirators were executed, the memory of those willing to do what was necessary lives on.

Check out Terry Bisson's beautiful speculative fiction novel "Fire on the Mountain," which re-imagines the raid as a success, split between 1859 and the alternate future it creates

alc + 

probably somewhere around 2-3 ~Standard Drinks~, because I don’t feel ill at all and I’m a notorious lightweight

this would be a great time for me to go around saying just the lewd bits of the porter’s monologue from The Scottish Play, though ;-)

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alc + 

so we went apple picking last weekend and brought back a gallon of cider

of which I went and poured myself a glass tonight, into which I also poured a couple fingers of bourbon as a treat

and apPARently that was quite a bit more bourbon than I intended, because I am Feeling No Pain right now 🥴

I want a girl with an earring and that makeup
(yeah buddy, that’s her own hair)
I want a girl who’s got her own jet airplane
I want a girl who’s a millionaire

only-partially-reclaimed porn terms for trans women 

1990: chixxx with dixxx
2020: maenads with nads

@KitRedgrave imagine elon musk as a character in fiction

imagine how badly written a story would need to be to have him in it

cursed grounding exercise 

- 7 body parts whose position you sense
- 6 axes of motion you sense
- 5 things you taste
- 4 things you smell
- 3 things you touch
- 2 things you hear
- 1 thing you see

Afropessimism, origin of blackness 

"there is a word called 'Black' which is not a cultural identity in its essence. It is a paradigmatic position"

"Patterson would say that every group of people in the world has been enslaved; by contrast, what we said is that there is a group of people called 'Black' who have no temporal existence prior to slavery, and that this is unique."

Makes sense, blackness as a concept was created by european slavers as a construct to justify brutal violence and enslavement. It was applied to a diverse group of people from different cultures and religions who had little in common except skin darkness and the fact that europeans wanted to kidnap them and steal their labor.

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