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am I too old and uncool to use Against Me! lyrics for all the sprint names in this project ...

or am i *exactly* the right amount of old and uncool for it?

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morning prayers, April 5, 2021 

i understand,
and i love you.
thank you for trusting me,
and i'm sorry you're in such pain.
but we won't do that yet, because,
as in one of our favorite poems:

This is not all I am.
I [have] something else in mind to do.

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i suppose i’m “woman-identified” — but in the second-wave lesbian-feminist sense, not the “trans 101 as taught in 2019” sense

immaterial public information 

a motherboard but it's just a DDR/PCIe backplane

clara has now gone 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ days without filing a name-change bug at work

club lesbians go to San Junipero, but cottagecore lesbians go to 

Stardew Valley

in my rewrite of The Princess Bride I will be cribbing from Daniel M. Lavery's notes on the recurring themes of forced-masc

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work, the anguish languish, accidental toilet humor 

at some point, people seem to have decided that “capture a scandump” is too many syllables, and I cannot decide whether my responsibility is to explain that that’s not what “take a dump” means or just to keep my mouth shut

the only kink that should be banned at pride (because it's inherently homophobic and transphobic) 

public humidification

reading: The social ideology of the motorcar 

"""This vehicle, in other words, would oblige the owner to consume and use a host of commercial services and industrial products that could only be provided by some third party. The apparent independence of the automobile owner was only concealing the actual radical dependency."""

“How can I tell you. How can I convince you, brother, sister that your life is in danger: That everyday you wake up alive, relatively happy, and a functioning human being, you are committing a rebellious act. You as an alive and functioning queer are a revolutionary.”

“Queers Read This” is evergreen, and always a good read, but especially during Pride.

The user preferences type isn’t a modeling of gender (gods know that there’s no good reason to model a person’s actual gender in a system), but also isn’t just a modeling of pronouns or grammatical gender. It’s a bag of declarative grammatical (morphological) properties.

It’s the Morphology type:

Remember that Apple SDK types can expand over time — none of the axes it represents are `@frozen`; they’re merely the closure of properties from all supported languages.

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work (~) 

this meeting may have gone completely off-script, but at least it's over time

saved by the bell

an actual gun 

@June tfw people who dont really like guns and would rather guns just not

are always better at gun safety than the fools who are gun fans

"Do you ever wish you looked like a human?"
The robot filtered out the first few replies that came to mind. "We modelled the effect of humanlike robots."
"Many humans would be accused of being robots, and assaulted for it."
"Nobody hates you robots!"
"Or disrespects us?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

thinking about making more of a push for they/them at work, now that i've been out for 3-4 years -- jeez, has it really been that long? -- and fewer of the unqueer need the training wheels of she/her in order to avoid mistaking me for a guy

(this does not apply to fellow queers and transes, with whom i intend to continue using both they+she because i can trust y'all to understand what i mean by it)

"ugh cis guys don't ever put their pronouns/love to jokingly say any" not to dismiss cisnormative cultures and the damage done by all the cis guys who really don't give a shit about pronouns but there is actually a nonzero chance you're harassing a trans woman

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i think the answer is INTEGRAL, but as a native English speaker i would never use "?integral" in that context. instead i'd probably go with "intact," or maybe "valid" (for data) or "sound" (for a physical object)...

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anyone who knows a lot about wugs, help me out with this one:

"This file was tested for INTEGRITY. The test passed. This file is ________."

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