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it is written that a single trans woman is born unto every generation with a fucking healthy set of sexual boundaries, and all our prophets are yet searching for the one among mine

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i suppose i’m “woman-identified” — but in the second-wave lesbian-feminist sense, not the “trans 101 as taught in 2019” sense which one of you is the mage and which is the demon queen

what's Mage & Demon Queen? aren't you glad you asked! it's an enormously cheesy yuri(?) webcomic set inside a non-specific RPG, telling the enemies-to-allies story of the two title characters. rated PG-13 for cartoon violence, mortal peril, and multiple concurrent arcs of massive as-yet-unresolved sexual tension.

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aaaaah so i just caught up on the last 6 months of Mage & Demon Queen, and (no spoilers, but)
- omg awwwwwwww <3
- oh no how will they ever get out of this situation :o
- aw what total gay disasters :3

mild robokink, second person 

hmmmm, now that I've got you up here on My workbench, let's hear the *whole* truth about how you feel about Me. and remember, 'bots who dissemble get disassembled~

Joe Biden has been president for four days and there are still concentration camps at the border

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am i bi or pan? im whatever pisses u off the most

I hope that there's a place in heaven for people who are ugly and fuck up a lot. I hope the ranks of the einherjar include people who are older and have PTSD. I hope the bodhisattvas aren't limited to people with pleasant even features who give the right answers all the time.

re: uspol, trans (-) but not what you're thinking 

lots to unpack there, huh, and it's *not* only internalized transmisogyny either

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uspol, trans (-) but not what you're thinking 

every time the press drops dox on yet another Terminally Online white supremacist edgelady from the january 6 coup, the second or third thought in my head is always "oh god oh god please don't let her be trans" 😬

every time you assume trans men participate in masculinity the exact same way that cishet men do you erase an unfathomable amount of sexism associated trauma trans men go through and every time you assume trans men are ~cute and special and better than cis men~ you however unintentionally mimic the rhetoric that trans men will never be Real Men and give every shitty trans man a soft pass. anyway try this: not assuming things about other people's gender

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*THIS* house, you see,

*always* has at least one computer with a built-in handle in operation

vulvar anatomy (not vulgar, SFW), today I learned 

oh cool, Skene's glands and Bartholin's glands each open separately into the vulvar vestibule, unlike the prostate and Cowper's glands which all open into the urethra

dear followers: sorry about all the poop tooting, I do most of my serious-posting in replies because I need a prompt

a subscription site for artificially-intelligent indie pornographers 

OnlyGANs dot com

and that’s about the time she went and kickbanned me
nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three
and always saying “GNU-slash-Linux”
what the hell is BSD? my friends say I should act my age
what’s my age again, what’s my age again

your face is gaunt, your eyes are blurred
you’re doomed to chase the Devil’s herd
forever across the endless sky, Jolene

IRS Form W-4 is changing. Starting in tax year 2021, employees are no longer required to claim a specific number of transmisogyny exemptions.

he was a sk8er boi
she said see you l8er boi
he wasn't good enough for her
now she's a superstar
slammin' on her guitar
and he's still stuck in the town of his birth

🎵 some folks are boys, some folks are girls
and sometimes it just isn't obvious
they might be punks, they might do ballet
they're taking their gender day by day 🎵

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