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i suppose i’m “woman-identified” — but in the second-wave lesbian-feminist sense, not the “trans 101 as taught in 2019” sense

my aesthetic: working out my relationship with my body & with society by alternately reading short stories out of Nerve Endings[1] and out of The Merry Spinster[2]

it's, ah, quite a trip

@_ ominous vibes for my return to the physical office tomorrow morning

the office is a word art generating command called toilet and it will not be angry at you again. he's calm now, but you don't *have* to go stand outside and lie down

didn't find everything we were looking for today at IKEA, but on my way back to the car i ran across an early-teenage looking kid wearing a they/them pin, and got to compliment them on it in front of their (family?)

good for them

heck yeah i'm into astrology, my favourite constellations are eurion and QAM-64

ive been trying to impress her: yeah i like. uh girls and balls

incorrect lyric 

mmm, what'd you say?
mmm, that you only meant well?
well of course you did

mmm, what'd you say?
mmm, that it's all for the best?

i don't know where you're going
and i don't know why

but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye

concluding all my incident reports with "root cause: 'out of such crooked timber as humanity is made from, nothing quite straight can be built.'"

me, getting out of the navy and becoming an engineer: i absolutely refuse to work on munitions

the united states department of commerce's bureau of industry and security, seven years later: we have reclassified the cell phone CPUs you work on because they are Too Powerful

“A microphone turned on. “It’s okay, professor,” one of the students said. “I could use a crying break too.”“

(CW: Suicide and pandemic grief. I cried.)

re: work (-) 

but i do NOT miss the days [at a past job] when i wasn't out because i knew which officemate was a young-earth creationist and which boss was a huge misogynist to his ex

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work (-) 

i miss the days when i didn't know which of my colleagues were antivaxers (and/or libertarians)

work (~) 

setting an auto-responder that says "It looks like your email contains a calendar invite. If this meeting has already started or is <4 hours from now, please Slack me to get my attention"

bad denial-of-service vectors vs. police 

you, a libertarian: “am I being detained? am I free to go? so am I being detained? so am I free to go?”
me, totally not qualified as a range safety officer: “check fire, check fire! unload and show clear”

@gargron also @whalefall had a good point "disappointed in my current mod team" sounds like a manager trying to avoid responsibility. is there even a 'mod team' on dot online because last time we spoke you 'handled it'. and sorry but it's a bit late to be disappointed. i'm not trying to be mean to you; there is a critical problem that needs your attention and will keep growing proportionally with the number of users. get a firm grip on it

two very different kinds of bodymod (+) 

surgery consult and new tattoo booked for the same week in September, i am Excited

feedback: "die nur weibliche form finde ich als mann so unnatürlich, dass ich das buch am anfang fast wieder weggelegt habe." - "interessant! was meinen sie, wie das manchen frauen geht wenn immer nur die männliche form da steht?" - "oh"

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