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I accepted that as I got older, I'd have to increase the font size but I didn't think I'd need to adjust the display brightness as well.

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Smoke Mountain sandwich and curly fries at Arby's in Talleyville. Lunch is late so I'm hungry, and I had a coupon.

flower photo 

Late-blooming yellow daylily. I thought the plant was done for the season but it grew another flower stalk.

So far, I've muted some usercount bots, some cryptocurrency price bots, and one fellow I couldn't get along with on Twitter and doesn't seem any different on Mastodon. Everything else is good! Carry on.


Bbq pulled chicken with stuffing and mixed vegetables at Boston Market

Thank you for tooting Interpassive Inc. We understand that your message of "hi" is important to you. Please stay on the line and someone will respond shortly.

One thing I'm starting to dislike about birdsite is every time I write about a product or a brand, I get replies from a bunch of bots trying to sell me stuff.

Running Quicken 2012 under Wine is a real trip. There are a few specific things I have to remember not to do because those crash the program right away. Also the font is ugly.

We can toot 500 chars but the profile bio is still limited to 160. Wonder why.

Writing a dream diary entry for last night's dream. 

There's a lot to unpack. Adventure style. Several groups of people, all traveling from west to east by different means. Each group has a glowing magical artifact and they all needed to find each other to reunite the artifacts. That's a summary of it anyway.

Here in the Octagon Society, we believe there are eight sides to every argument. looks so much like web twitter, it's amazing. A few minor glitches but if anything is going to wean me off Twitter, this will be it.

Beautiful. After following users on a number of different nodes, the federated timeline is finally seeing some serious movement!

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