What is the name for these wooden dog cutouts placed on office campuses to scare geese away? I've been calling them flat dogs or flatbreeds but there's got to be a word for them.

Food photography, lunchtoot, fast food, skunk 

Deep fried turkey BLT and onion rings at Arby's in Talleyville.

Food photo, fast food, skunk 

Cajun deep fried turkey sandwich and loaded curly fries at Arby's in Talleyville.


LOL. This is how they'll eventually get me to subscribe.

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Mongolian chicken with fried rice at Pei Wei in West Windsor. Since I was in the area this evening.

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Chicken & egg on 6-cheese bagel at Einstein Bros in Wilmington. Only a few days left to use the b'day coupon, so I went for it!


Grasshopper came into the car so I had to release it before continuing, but not before taking some close-up pictures.

food photo, pork, skunk, 

Smoky BBQ Pork sandwich at the Greene Turtle in Wilmington. This new GT location is near the office, so I'm using my b'day coupon on lunch!

Food photo, fast food, skunk 

Loaded Italian sandwich at Arby's in Talleyville. Had a coupon.

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China Doll Panda at Reston station, Virginia.

Food photo, bagelwich, skunk 

Crispy chicken on mac and cheese bagel at Einstein Bros in Wilmington. Since I captured a cyclops out this way, lunch is out this way too.

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Fishwich night. Fried tilapia sandwich with all the fixings at Fuddruckers in Newark.

food photo, lunch, overeating, skunk 

Smoke Mountain sandwich and curly fries at Arby's in Talleyville. Lunch is late so I'm hungry, and I had a coupon.

flower photo 

Late-blooming yellow daylily. I thought the plant was done for the season but it grew another flower stalk.


Bbq pulled chicken with stuffing and mixed vegetables at Boston Market

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