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The famous and amazing protagonist of the Wolfenstein franchise,


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Y'ALL, so, does your phone only charge/connect if you Wiggle It Right, no matter what cable you use? Mine was.

Turns out this is very often caused by progressive compaction of lint into the bottom of the port, so the connector isn't able to seat properly.

If you get in there with a safety pin or something, you can pick the lint out. It's slow and you'll probably need a flashlight to see down in there, but it works. Keep digging until you see metal.

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re: Magic Mirror-type project featuring old tablets 

The end goal is something like this, kinda: while I'm not exactly going for the mirror portion, I'd like to have a nice little informational display like this running on an otherwise unused tablet. It's sitting around doing nothing, otherwise, why not put it to good use as something I can look at to display weather information and various other stuff?

In the meantime, Windows is still updating. I'd like to have an up-to-date Windows 10 install to fall back on should Linux not play nice on these tablets again.

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Magic Mirror-type project featuring old tablets 

I once tried to bodge Linux onto a few old, nigh-useless-anymore Windows tablets floating around.

Due to their weird nature (32-bit EFI, 64-bit CPU?), it did not go well.
(also they just liked to completely stall a lot)

I am now thinking about setting one up as a sort of magic mirror-type thing. An information display of sorts.

Gonna try something Windows-based first. There's magic mirror software for Raspbian that I like the look of, but I'll try it if Windows doesn't go well. (Then the thing to worry about is if everything will play nice on x86/x64...)

Here's how things are going so far.

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"Go away," the dragon said. "Winter makes me sleepy."
"Please," said the villagers, "come and sleep in the village square."
"Why, so you can warm yourself on my heat?"
"Well, yes," the villagers admitted, "but also so you are not alone."
"Hrmpf," said the dragon. "Very well."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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The games done quick channel on twitch is having a special Juneteenth event, a lot of great Black speedrunners doing the damn thing for 2 days

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hello! it is once again time to share the big dergs

(art: rakko)

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next Sunday is 40th anniversary! They're inviting everyone to take part in a challenge: 40 #StridesForSnowLeopards! Walk, run, bike, (fursuit!) or simply donate to help support these wonderful snowcats!

Idle phone musings: after reading a few phone reviews I definitely want to get a 21:9 phone next time. I'll hate customizing it so much, but I use split screen enough that I think it'd be worth the compromise.

( in point, I'm actually doing it right now, haha)

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