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hello! it is once again time to share the big dergs

(art: rakko)

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next Sunday is 40th anniversary! They're inviting everyone to take part in a challenge: 40 #StridesForSnowLeopards! Walk, run, bike, (fursuit!) or simply donate to help support these wonderful snowcats!

Idle phone musings: after reading a few phone reviews I definitely want to get a 21:9 phone next time. I'll hate customizing it so much, but I use split screen enough that I think it'd be worth the compromise.

( in point, I'm actually doing it right now, haha)

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I actually gave that Moto E a quick spin as a main device for a couple hours the other day.

I think I could do it with the LTE version, partly due to faster network speeds and newer versions of LineageOS being available for it. (I guess Nougat is alright though and I'm just used to Android 10 by now, but eh)

big derg tiny phone

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Hitting a wall when trying to drum up a name is so, so immensely frustrating.

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San Antonio Spurs players set up an in-flight LAN to play Starcraft after winning the 1999 NBA championship, whose trophy sits on the floor

ah yes this emoji certainly screams "hell yeah I won"

more long form app rants 

It really is incredible how bloated software has gotten sometimes.

I had a version of solitaire installed on my main phone, figured I'd give it a spin, get greeted with a privacy policy. Wouldn't be shocked if there was a bunch of advertising shit in there, so... backed out.

Found out it was taking up -169MB- of space, for a simple card game.

SolitaireCG from F-Droid is -739KB-. Over two hundred times smaller, plenty of variations, and no ads. (I didn't remotely hesitate to replace it.)

Where the fuck is all this space GOING?

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I've been kinda enjoying this somewhat minimalist setup I've got going on this phone. There's a couple things I'd probably add to it if I were to use it as a daily driver, but as a more limited device I'm really impressed at how well this Moto E has been handling everything.

Now if only otus got current LineageOS updates, and not just surnia...

The year is 2021, and I have won my first game of Minesweeper.

...but I didn't get it from the Play Store, I got it from F-Droid!

(There's "Vinyl Music Player" too, which is forked from Phonograph, but it just crashes on my device. Welp.)

So far, so good, playing with the Moto E. It's honestly been surprisingly speedy considering the hardware.

Then again, to be fair, I didn't really load it down with a bunch of heavy apps (hell, at least at the moment I didn't even install gapps) so ... who's to say, I guess.


Big derg uses small phone!

I got a Moto E (2015, 3G) up and running with the latest software I could. Gonna try and run a phone without gapps, at least until postmarketOS advances a little farther.

Shame I didn't pick up the LTE model... I didn't realize there was a difference at the time.

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