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*Cleans dust off of monitor*

Wish I didn't get so much dust in my room. But since dust is technically everywhere, and attracted to monitors, it tends to be something you can never escape from.

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*Welds floating point numbers in Elm*

Perhaps it is a bit silly, but one day I'd like a social network functionality where I can just hug floof I support each day, thus making it easier to show I support floof friends <3 <3

Current mood: Feeling snoozy, want to just snooze with cuties, XP

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Note to self: G-Sync is a confusing maze of confusion. Always expect failure for it to work when trying to get it to work.

At least my new non-G-Sync G-Sync Compatible**** high refresh rate *** IPS ** HDR * monitor looks good even when half of the features can't be used due to really convoluted reasons that hurt my brain, and there's no dead pixels (amazing!)

(* HDR only available in Windows 10)
(** visual contrast may worsen when adaptive refresh and high refresh rate enabled)
(*** certain settings not available when overclocking enabled, may flicker or malfunction)
(**** only on Linux or Windows 10; DisplayPort 1.2a is not supported on other OSes)

*Plays the most modern 3D Pokemon... POKEMON COLOSSEUM*

...It's for a good cause. Miror B's Pokemon must reach the future.

Another tired day, and it's just Monday. Heh... sometime I'll take a vacation.

Today on crazy things I did: Learned how to and compiled a forked browser because the dev was too slow to compile the fixed version and the 0-day going around was... well... horrifying. When you absolutely must have a cigarette lighter... in your computer!

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