I'm glad I have a UPS; some utility jerks just caused some huge flickers and fluctuations that knocked my power out for a few seconds and really messed it up. But the UPS systems protected everything, so that's good...

The clock hits midnight. I should go to bed.

Writing Energy from the dark twilight comes to me... as it always does. XD

That feeling when you have to do arcane summoning rituals to gather energy to do leisure time activities

Gotta love mornings when you can't wake up properly. Brain wake up, brain wake up, brain wake up *Pours coffee at*

Me: Time to set the timer for the pizza.
Also Me: *Grabs digital timer-esque looking Metronome and goes to push the button* Wait a minute....

Wish I knew some way to get out of bed more easily... many people have issue sleeping, but my problem is getting stuck to the bed even though I'm awake. Some way to cut through that fog would be helpful, since it becomes annoying (and especially relevant now that there is no reason for it due to sheltering in place and not having to drive anywhere...)

covid-19, medical misinfo 

So those people pushing Chloroquine? Yeah... they don't really know what they're talking about. respectfulinsolence.com/2020/0

Basically it's a bunch of people pushing fragmented, bad studies and using this epidemic's fear factor to force everyone into accepting it. But don't believe it -- it's not actually proven.

mh (+) 

Today I feel good, but I don't actually know why. I guess it's not really something that needs a reason.

Science, Old Computers 

Some old people figure out how to read old 8-inch floppy disks in order to figure out data about coal-ball fossils. Possibly one of the nerdiest things I've seen, but it's nifty to see the crossover of paleontology and computer archaeology.

*Cleans dust off of monitor*

Wish I didn't get so much dust in my room. But since dust is technically everywhere, and attracted to monitors, it tends to be something you can never escape from.

Mars, JPL, Nasa 

Technology has come a long way from grainy stills of Mars. This panorama makes it feel like some place you can just walk about, and get an impression of what that'd be like.


Silly old Gaming Oddware, Youtube video 

Behold, the power of SAVE STATES ON DOS


Nostalgia, Musing on the state of video games today, ancient games 

When my mind feels stuck, I just play F-Zero X, and remember a time when insanely basic games with insanely refined flow-state mechanics could actually warrant a full $60 release without any attached BS (e.g. microtransactions etc) and the game you play on the hardware you bought 20+ years ago is still there years later in the same shape it was when you got it, without any caveats, controversies, or confusion.

Just a shame in the name of getting better, technology got worse instead.

*Welds floating point numbers in Elm*

Perhaps it is a bit silly, but one day I'd like a social network functionality where I can just hug floof I support each day, thus making it easier to show I support floof friends <3 <3

Current mood: Feeling snoozy, want to just snooze with cuties, XP

Nuclear Radiation, Dangerous Technology, Society's Folly 


"Next-generation diamond batteries that use energy from radioactive materials have already been developed and tested by researchers at the University of Bristol, who now hope to recycle waste from decommissioned nuclear power plants around the UK."

Yay. Place dangerous parts of nuclear reactors into easily breached diamond (read: extremely brittle) containers, then sprinkle all over the place so that in a couple years, everywhere can have radiation, including volcanoes, the insides of people's bodies, and outer space.

Oh, and also mobile phones, because we all need radioactive cell phones. Right?

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