Something I think a lot about: in aviation, if you're landing through fog (or whatever), the standard practice is to pick ahead of time a hard limit for the altitude at which you'll do a go-around. If you don't see the runway by the time that altitude is reached, you abort the landing attempt -- no questions.

Because otherwise folks tend to keep going "I'll just give it another few seconds..." until they're way too low for safety.

This type of protocol is very, very generalizable to everyday life, and can make decision-making a lot easier.

The place I most commonly apply this is picking a hard deadline for information when making a go/no-go decision on plans. E.g. "ok, if I don't hear back from Jimothy by 19:00, I'm gonna say we're not meeting up. Anything until then, I'm still open to it."


@starkatt the capacity for precommitment: good, actually

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