UsedMechSalesMan: If you're dumb enough to print a new mech this weekend, you're a big enough shmuck to come down to Big AGNI Hell's, the only mech dealership that tells you to FUCK OFF! Hurry up, asshole! Bring your suit! Bring your licence! Bring your NHP! We'll cascade it! That's right, we'll cascade your NHP! Take a hike! To Big AGNI Hell's! Home of Challenge Meltdown! That's right, Challenge Meltdown! How does it work? If you cause a critical reactor meltdown and successfully eject straight up without breaking any bones, you get no down payment! Don't wait! Don't delay! Don't fuck with us or we'll rip your mounts off! This offer ends the minute you transfer us Manna! And it better not bounce or you're a dead motherfucker! Guaranteed!

me: it's so weird to me how straight people's boundaries around what is or isn't cheating distinguish so consistently between male and female friends to imply that no-one ever cheats with someone of the same sex

me when straight people discuss the possibility of their partner cheating with someone of the same sex: ah. no, I don't like this either,

Lol the air force is going like "uhhhhh the F-35 is way too expensive and impossible to maintain, can someone make us a less overbuilt jet pls"

Turns out, when the program started way back in the 90s the F-35 was supposed to be that less overbuilt jet.


You can recognize olivine because it's one of the few green minerals and it's in fucking every vaugely green rock.

On "Essential Workers" 

After a bit of a night of thinking about this, I'm gonna bite the bullet and just say it.

You know that concept of "Essential worker" and "Critical worker" that have been fed to us since the start of this whole pandemic?

We need to kill it. It's not ours. It never was. It was put in by corporate-governmental marketing as a positive public relations campaign to invoke good feelings while it leaves the workforce in the cold.

@starkatt "Most of the units were estimated to be empty more than ten months out of the year"

So... basically a monument to Moloch. Great.

fediverse census

select options corresponding to things you know anything about


deadass, xkcd's presentation of the idea of the "lucky 10,000" (and, more generally, the framing of how cool it is to be able to introduce people to exciting ideas) is an immensely valuable contribution to our culture.

This is all a few steps into the weeds, of course; the flipside of criticism of these second-order dynamics is that they in turn can be weaponized by people who refuse to do any work, and use the notions of "virtue signaling" and bad-faith performativeness to short circuit any need to take responsibility or sit with their discomfort in the first place. Cf. the overt culture war defensiveness of right-wing media about Cancel Culture, etc.

So it's a hard problem and a mess all around.

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But as part of a public dynamic, grappling internally with your discomfort and the causes of it is not much of a display. And that can lead to a bad situation where the necessary internal work is...unsatisfyingly internal. And so the desire to verify you're doing the work collapses down to wanting to verify your discomfort. Which gets into some bad social territory, a paradox of needing folks to decenter themselves but then pressuring them to center their discomfort for evaluation.

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friend needs urgent help finding housing around portland, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

hey y'all, a friend of mine has been given two weeks to move out of the place he's currently staying and needs somewhere to go in or around portland

his accounts are @DrSagan and @hermes

please help him, if you have somewhere he can go or just by boosting this post

Once I gave a presentation on Mars Robots to 6 years and heavily anthropomorphized the robots. Then one of them asked when the robots would come home.

As the shock and horror spread across their faces, I realized that I had not adequately prepared for this lesson.

If your opposition is willing to give you the means to survive another day, don't interrupt them.

For one thing, it's rude.

You know, "Dick" is a standard abbreviation of "Richard", just like "Rick" is. So in a slightly different universe, we could have been Dickrolling each other all these years.
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