Police state 

City, state, and the US national governments are incapable of reigning in the powers of police. They refuse to try because their failure to enforce this reform would bring to light a truth that is already known to the lower classes: police refuse to be held accountable; in being an independent paramilitary force, they have the means of force to resist any checks on their authority.

There have already been recorded incidents of police leveling threats against elected representatives who have vocally called for police powers to be reigned in.

arabic is a cursive language so the space between connected letters is generally arbitrary. something that survived into typewriters and even digital arabic in a limited capacity is the ability to extend words. for example


are all the same word. here's the same trick on the erika.

gender neutral alternatives to 'boy' and 'girl': 'spawn'

Those of us who have jobs and homes and are at less risk of losing them have an even bigger responsibility now to defend those who don't.

i'm not like the other girls, but i do have an identical hash value, which may result in surprising worst case behavior

Deer, or as I like to call them, himbo coat racks with anxiety and hypervigilance.

I think there's some legitimate usefulness in being able to summarize this in a way that someone who doesn't spend all day reading about inscrutable stuff like the commodities markets can understand. A lot of economics is totally disconnected from actual society, actual human wants and needs, and people tend to take a turn left if they aren't ancap dipshits once they understand this. People's economics is a powerful political tool.

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I wish there was a big book of "So you liked this old game: You might also like X"

Like, say I was a big Civilization 3 & 4 fan, but don't like where the series has gone? Is there some indie spiritual successor out there?

Like, if I liked Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander I can try Zero-K or one of the other Spring engine games.

Or if I liked Advance Wars, there is Wargroove (though honestly, I don't' think it is as good) or Battle for Wesnoth (better).

“Reverse dressage” is a fancy word for stripping and you can’t convince me otherwise

Some videos on game mechanics sound like isekai titles.

I say this because "Soft Lock Picking: Trapped With Caterpie For 240 Days" crossed my recommendations and,

uh, that title...

yeah I'm just gonna leave it at that.

Happy Lughnasadh/Lammas/Loafmas! Today is the midpoint between summer solstice and autumn equinox. It is a time to celebrate and reflect on the beginning of fall harvest and seed collecting.

plague, misanthropic 

They want to die? Good - we want to same thing. Let them.

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plague, misanthropic 


Perhaps. But I've stopped caring, because I don't want for us to have to do this all over again next time, and it'll be easier on us all if they're too dead to vote or bash. The only people I feel for is the immunocompromised; the rest can choke on their own lungs.


Take the resulting circle and push it outside the sphere – it is a topological object, and thus more stretchable than rubber and less substantial than mist. Swing it directly through the sphere if you want, or let it grow past infinity like we’re living in S^3 instead of R^3, or simply shrink it to a point and grow it back out again. (Our secret’s safe. We’re not undergrads anymore; we can do as we like, as long as we know what to avoid, and why.) Invoke van Kampen’s theorem. Shade the circle and a little patch around it (within the space) in green and shade the sphere and a little patch around it (in the space) in red. The overlap is a pure yellow – these mix like light, not like paint. Now what flavors of loops can live in this space stably is more clear: some combination of loops through the circle and loops in the sphere. Pull a blackboard Z out of the circle and a 1 from the sphere and an amalgamated free product machine from the overlap, and combine; we get Z.

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What are the loops in this space? Draw a circle in electric blue on the surface of the sphere and watch it contract itself down to a point. Draw a larger one and watch it do the same. Let the electricity flicker instead to the center of the sphere and let it loop around the sphere and through the rest of the diameter. Watch the trail of light pause as it joins back to itself at the center, flowing subtly clockwise. Watch it try to shrink back down to a point with a tugging sensation, and fail. Good. Watch it keep looping, as many times as there are natural numbers, then quickly rewind and shoot past zero, turning a reddish-pink as it flows counterclockwise. This is a good start, but we’ll need more than just guesses. (All of this has taken maybe a few seconds, easier done than said.)

Back to this object’s irritating geometricity, its proud rigidity. This won’t do. Give yourself more power over it, change it into a topological object. There are still constraints here, but they are weaker. Now we can slide the ends of the diameter together, both to the north pole, with a faint scraping noise. No need to touch them to do this; simply will it to be so.

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A survey on mathematical reasoning prompted me to describe a visualization of a mathematical object:

Let's calculate the fundamental group of a 2-sphere together with one of its diameters. See the sphere, a deep blue, shiny like enamel and just as opaque. See its opacity fade to translucence, except for the part of the equator facing us; the back becomes dashed instead, or perhaps only dimly visible through the sphere. The diameter attached to its innards is revealed now; observe its two points of connection, thickened in black where they meet the equator, each maybe the size of a peppercorn to the sphere's basketball and the diameter's guitar string.

While this is still a purely geometric object, it is rigid: the sphere has a texture like marble. If you tapped on it, it would make a dull, hollow sound. Pluck the diameter, with great effort, and watch it rapidly revert to straightness.

@Kyresti forgot to ask you - what dopamine precursors are you taking? do they seem to be doing anything for you?

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