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CORRECTION: It's 3:30, not 3.

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A twitter link to Palestinians who need help

If you want to buy from Palestine instead of donating to individual Palestinians here's another link

If you're Jewish and stable then give something. People are enacting harm in our name and we have an obligation to give what we can

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If you plan to run away from a place/territory in case the said place is likely to become overtly hostile against you in the near future, it certainly means that *right now* you should help those that wouldn't be able to do so.

This JUST hit me.

Remember all the puzzlement about [[Klothys, God of Destiny]]? About the "why is a destiny god :red: :green: ? That doesn't fit with a take on the Fates!"

Because Klothys isn't a take on the fates. The hint is she lives in the underworld.

She's a take on PERSEPHONE.

Probably specifically the pre-hellenic, Mycanean Liner-B, "Kore/Despoina, Dread Persephone, don't ever say her name because it'll make her notice you" version.

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Here's the link to my thesis defense - will be May 17th at 3pm

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I said yesterday I kept meaning to show friends here around my hunting grounds. I'm trying to figure out how best to get you there.

Also, I have a LOT of cleaning to do today, so I'm going to be ducking in and out.

@KitRedgrave I know was interested, at least

asexuals on Xbox live be like
"I had a wonderful evening dinner with your mom last night"

nearly forgot to mention but yesterday was BLaRTS day 420 @rey

iterating through an exitless fast food drive thru, the restaurant changing each time, with more and more of each restaurant's menu blacked out with each iteration. ordering is compulsory, and the price is always one that can be paid.

eating people (metaphorically; sex thing): mastered

eating people (literally; not a sex thing): mastered

eating people (literally; sex thing): this is where they start trying to trick you

eating people (metaphorically; not a sex thing): this one's hard

NPR article re: horse news (horse drugs)

"Medina Spirit, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, has failed a drug test. It is the latest of a long line of drug test failures by trainer Bob Baffert's horses.

Baffert, who had celebrated a record seventh Derby victory, disclosed the positive test at a press conference Sunday at the Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Ky. He denied any wrongdoing and indicated that the horse had never knowingly been treated with betamethasone, the steroid for which it tested positive."

I don't follow horse news myself, but the way Bob here has a history of horses failing drug tests yet denies wrongdoing fits the same pattern of someone with multiple game bans for cheating on their Steam account yet maintains they've never cheated.

Mother's day PSA:

Ya know, I hate being -that- asshole on social media, but keep in mind a lot of us are familial abuse survivors or have a hard time with this one otherwise.

CW your posts if you can, and uh... don't go blindly insulating we should be calling, caring for, or cherishing our own.

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cannot believe that a friend from Blaseball is turning me (among others) into a scene kid a little over a decade late

source: me, listening to "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out".

The vulpine dot club Satisfactory server where ironically nobody is a fox

Someone will this to existence

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"eyy baby you wanna drill into my..."

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