Woo! LDAP is now working with our masto instance!

@Taris How are things going over on gulp.cafe? Any fun happenings? :3

I’m thinking when I’m not at home I should update my bio to be a bit more descriptive.

@Taris Such a cute taur! I wish I saw more taurs around they have so much fluff to love!

Happy Pupsday. :heart_crown:

I must admit, I am nervous ^-^;; but here we are. It's time... time to publish my first finished game.

A little (niche) game about a little pupper with puppersized dreams & a garden of possibilities. :pupper_wag: :heart_pink:


#UlvraArt #Art #GameDev #Pixel #Furry #Pupventure

So I think my next goal is to convince the wider network to trust my root CA. I think I can do it.

@othermastoadmins C'mon! Foxes are trustworthy. C'mon! Who doesn't wanna trust certificates from foxes?

I love how calls users critters. It fits right into my domain name `critter.camp`!

@latrans: Wow, I messed that one up didn't I? Typing with 🐾 is hard.

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Tinkering with is like really simple. I'm loving it.

Though I need to setup a

Ahh! I love it! I setup and it was super easy! Take that other streaming services!

@rey Hey! Hope you don't mind me asking but do you know where I can find docs on how federation is handled on I found some settings for relay server but I'm sure that's not the thing I'm looking for.

Aaa! We got Masto to render a web page. Now to figure out how to create a user.

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