The big feature update you've been waiting for is here! We're pleased to release #HyperspaceDesktop v1.1.0, which contains many new features such as a new audio player, masonry layout, clipboard image uploads, and more!

Download here:

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hey folks, been a rough few months at my house, especially coming out of the disruption of the holidays. my partner and I find ourselves facing eviction again. we need $930 by the 29th, any help we receive is appreciated more than I know how to say.

I'm thankful for when I get depressed right before I want to go to sleep. It means I can just pass out without guilt and wake up refreshed and feeling better mentally.

Got my first 6 perfect IV pokemon through breeding. It's an Inkay!

elementary OS 5.1 Hera is here with a brand new first-run experience, Flatpak support, accessibility and System Settings improvements, app updates, and the latest hardware support. Existing users of Juno, run your updates to get it. Read all about it:

Got my new clusterboard with a single SopineA64 SoC. I'm happy and can't wait to get more modules. ๐Ÿ˜€

I wonder why I have such bad luck with ordering things? >:v

We've released our third update to Hyperspace 1.x, Hyperspace v1.0.3. This update renames Hyperspace to Hyperspace Desktop, fixes some UI confusion, and should resolve an issue for Pleroma users on the About page.

Download the update here:
Try Hyperspace here:
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@alicerunsonfedora: You have a great looking product so far. I just downloaded Hyperspace for linux and right out of the gate I am blown away. Keep up the great work!

Finally got my replacement RockPro64 in the mail today. I'm really hoping this one works! ^.^

Now I'm back on Elementary OS both at home and at work. I really love their design principles so I'm looking forward to doing some development for their ecosystem if I can.

@libreoffice is doing some awesome stuff with documents. I've been using them for years now and their features are great and just plain work.

I've been pushing to move from O365 to LibreOffice at work and I really hope it happens soon.

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