Oh, that dream where you’re a new college freshman wandering around the dorm and your new stoner roommate won’t help you find your room.

UPDATE: I have successfully (according to bfs) cut my own hair for the first time.

I hate that I still get a little rush just from buying things and am trying to train myself to have that rush based on what new thing I can do with what I bought and how important that activity is. Like: we bought a decent hair clipper set and I’m really excited about learning to cut my/bf’s hair.

Things Amazon is out of: hair clippers, Hitachi Magic Wand β€œpersonal massagers.”

*settles in to write a sex scene which is a nice change after writing two non-sexual novels*

Happiest of holidays if you’re celebrating. Hope you have a lovely day regardless of whether you are or not.

Why do people ask for your input on things when they’re just going to ignore it?

Hi, I'm running around doing last-minute things on two books that need to be on sale in three weeks and I'm stressed, hope everyone here is doing better! <3

It’s 4:20 and you know what that means! Time to...walk to the grocery store to beat the after-work rush.

I had a dream the other night that I was on a ferry and my partners and doggo came on the ferry looking for me and when doggo found me he came up and pushed into me and wagged... and when my alarm went off and I reached for my phone, doggo's muzzle was right there by the bed and he was nosing at me. <3

Still apparently learning the difference between β€œI am venting a belief” vs β€œI am interested in having a discussion.” :/

I sometimes feel like if I’d taken a different path in life, I could be writing mediocre pop songs for a living. I really enjoy music and it’s constantly in my head.

We had a big lunch and then came back to the house and promptly everyone fell asleep.

I knew this was going to be an exhausting two weeks but I didn’t expect to be so drained only three days in. Looking forward to all the things keeping me busy but man, also looking forward to June 18th when they’ll be behind me.

Been tired all week but almost done 1/3 editing passes on Book. Next will be reviewing more feedback and some tone, and last will be (ugh) the indispensable read-aloud.

Getting to the point where reading glasses are more a necessity than a luxury. *sigh* Don't get old, people, it sucks.

mobile game semi-spoilers? 

So I'm playing this cute match3 mobile game (Tropicats) and there's a story that your puzzles help progress through... it was a lot of exploration/adventure broken up by weddings and now it has suddenly turned into a murder mystery with a disappearing body and I don't know what to think but I am 100% in for it.

Now let’s see if I can remember not to go on birdsite until after I see Endgame on Saturday.

To the extent that an 80s band can be underrated at all today, the Thompson Twins are. Exhibit A: youtu.be/5Dho47jZS9U

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