follower revolving door 

Oh whoops. I just realized you [ @jess ] are more active than everyone else I follow combined.

I'm pretty sure the reason a lot of folks love mastodon / fediverse is because the timeline recommendation algorithm isn't even a thing, and the concept of throttling or playing favorites with who gets impressions (or a filter bubble, or any other number of things on other social platforms) isn't a thing here.

Sorry for the revolving door, but I sorta feel weird about the signal to noise ratio.

rambling tangent 

@jess my intent was to express a polite / respectful social sentiment.

I have a complicated relationship with the way fediverse / mastodon works, which is an entirely different experience than that bird platform which I also have a complicated relationship with.

There are features which could theoretically be added to the instance I'm on, but I don't know of anyone who would have time or interest to implement any of that (I certainly don't want to add that to my ever-growing list of abandoned projects)

~ end tangent ~

If anything, I think my verbosity about something like unfollowing is probably weirder than the fact that I said anything.

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