intersex-related healthcare / gender 

Having dysphoria VS euphoria, and gender identity as the only motivation for any enzyme, receptor, or hormone-related medication would be freakin' awesome. My insurance would be a lot more chill about it too. Feels weird knowing that my emotional & psychological health is so sensitive to changes, but my insurance is hassling me so I have to wait.


gender dysphoria, plurality / DID 

on top of it, treatment in the other direction (fixing / boosting testosterone levels) is dysphoric enough to give me a whole other version of emotional & psychological issues. It's fucking weird to take estrogen because I often present butch or masculine, and self-identify as nonbinary / neurogender / systemgender. Mood swings from med changes = dysphoria hell.

gender dysphoria, microdosing, risks 

[context / hormone levels] managed to confirm I was having issues from the microdosing because I was having some symptoms from the combination of low testosterone (because my baseline levels are weird anyway, but also because I was taking antiandrogens in 2019), but not enough estrogen raise my levels above "low end of the female range".

gender dysphoria, gender identity, nonbinary folks 

Days like this I really envy binary-identified transgender folks with non-intersex hormone levels because opting for "the normal range" for a binary gender identity usually has very few risks for emotional or mental health.

gender euphoria, gender affirmation, DID / plurality 

On the plus side, I remember a time when enough folks in my system were female-identified that having hormone levels in the female range was an affirmation and felt really comfortable. I'd like to think / hope that female-bodied with nonbinary presentation will be equally comfortable (or possibly moreso).

legal / social status VS medical & identity considerations. 

having a more feminine baseline appearance without makeup will better-match my legal status anyway, so if it's also good for my health I think having a socially acceptable "butch woman" aesthetic will probably be less gatekeeping and hassle. Transphobic assholes are low on my risk of reasons to do this, but mitigating that is a plus.

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