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mental health / plurality / recovery 

#Twitter and #Facebook show you things that piss you off, are casually *ist/*phobic, or otherwise can't ignore, not because of some coincidence or just because people are horrible

It's because they literally optimize for that

Pluraity is real whether or not you understand it or can comprehend why someone would be that way.

I mean fuck I can't comprehend how or why people speak Welsh because it sounds like someone is gargling with marbles and socks but I know it's a real fucking language anyway and that it deserves dignity and protection

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unsolicited advice 


psych testing / treatment-related / anxiety about transition-related services 

mental health / plurality / recovery 

The affirming thing from yesterday feels more real now (less surreal).

also, self care is important.

reclaiming "free speech" to mean "freedom to amplify marginalized voices and freedom to reject toxic voices"

Political classification 

Tumblr link as source - Perabeo, long post 

[context] transphobiawarning, MH / sui 


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