lewd, cursed, heavy metal lyrics 

Me: I love obscure music.

Observer: Really? Who's your favorite artist?

Me, a music nerd: I'm not sure, but they composed the hold music at my favorite store.

listens to hypnotic music in a trance, bobs head

I switched from cyclical to daily progesterone today. Bring on the titty skittles!

I have the entire Steven Universe soundtrack on loop and I can't stop crying.

Climbed a fucking mountain btw
(Selfie, No EC, boosts encouraged)

selfie, eye contact, fabulous braided mohawk 

owo issue logging levels

severity: ohno, wops, heck, aaaa
priority: uwu, pls, eee, nao!

unflattering but cute selfies with eye contact, sister and feral parakeet (boostable)

@kumamushi @rey

I’ve eaten
the peaches
that were in
the freezer
and which you there
were saving for white men

Forgive me
for they were
so boring
and so ancient
irrelevant and cold

I said kid, when
you grow up
will you eat
the sweetness of the peaches
the rotten and the damned

@rey For some reason, I was hearing that to the tune of Black Parade.

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