My new bedroom is so cozy now~ Got my usual blackout shades put in.

Still unpacking at my new place, but I've been snuggling my girlfriend a lot~

Almost done my road trip, tomorrow's drive is much shorter. So excited for new home~

Communication is hard, but worth it. 💖​ Looking forward to living with my new polycule soon.

Seattle Queer History Bike Tour

In partnership with MoPOP and Cascade Bicycle Club, Certified Ride Leader and Historian Bob Svercl will lead a group of riders on a 5.6 mile bike tour from Capitol Hill through Pioneer Square to MoPOP, stopping at historic and iconic sites around Seattle while hearing stories and learning about Seattle’s LGBTQIA+ history.

Sunday, August 15, 12pm-4pm

Seattle, heatwave, cycling for your community! 

> Pedaling Relief Project volunteers,
> An extreme heatwave is hitting the Seattle area over the next 5 days. With temperatures expected to rise to nearly 100 degrees we need your pedaling support to ensure that everyone has 24hour access to clean drinking water during this trying time.
> To respond to this heatwave turned public health emergency our goal is to stock all 130 Little Free Pantries and Community Fridges in the Seattle area with bottles of water or juice on Wednesday through Saturday (August 11th through the 14th).
> Much of the bottled water that we will be using to stock pantries with will be coming from our partner food banks and there are 5pm to 7pm evening pickup times for most days and in most of the different areas of the Seattle, White Center, and Burien that we need support in.

Going live to draw some genasi pals!

i'm trying to get affiliate so even if you just drop by to say hi and follow it really helps!

Moving to a new place is hard. Hoping all goes smoothly.

Feels good to donate stuff I've just been hoarding for years.

what if the original Trojan Horse was actually several 2-person horse costumes

Phew, finished changing my name and payment info in 80% of the places that have my info. Still waiting on a couple banks before I can do the rest.

This weekend was fantastic, I finally found people I love that I don't feel the need to mask around. Strongly considering moving near them when they find a place together.

About to fly to Texas to meet some very good friends~

hot new band idea: you release a ton of songs with the same title, but different "artists" made each one

Making plans to visit cuties is exciting~ I should do it more often.

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