Steak With Mushroom Cream Sauce, Potatoes, Carrots

Finally started doing daily walks, just to get more fresh air. It's nice outside today.

I'm really liking the femme tops I picked out. I look forward to going shopping with my siblings at some point to find more stylish choices.

dream, dystopian alternate universe 

I dreamed I actively had the ability to swap place with alternate universe versions of me in order to fix other worlds.

In this world, I noticed my skin was fairly rough and worn, as if I'd gotten sunburnt too many times. I was also covered in more freckles than usual. I looked outside, and I was living on the beach, where the sea life and waves looked... different, and a lot more dangerous. As I explored around, it felt like a very corporation-heavy world, there were ads and products everywhere. Then I saw the 200 SPF sunscreen...

The rest of the dream is here:

What did the supervillain say while getting their hair bleached? 

"Curses, foiled again!"

I'm clearly a robot. I just referred to taking a nap as "time to reset my internal cache".

selfie, eye contact, pink and blue hair 

I finally added a new color to the mix! My hair is now pink, purple, and blue.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines 

Wow, that was an emotional rollercoaster. I identified so hard with the main character. Meaningful relationships can be messy, but they are extremely worth putting in the effort.


Just got my first speeding ticket. They put a speed trap right after a merge from the highway.

I am singing my sneaking song, sneaking song, sneaking song. I am singing my sneaking song, sneaking away with you.

This is the output. Goo person with big nose reaching out for hugs.

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I'm having fun sculpting! This one is a bit abstract but I'm testing my camera setup.

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