official statement on today's Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship 


OwO Group LLC issues the following Statement regarding today's Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

Rochester NY & Boston MA -- May 28, 2020 -- Today, OwO Group LLC, parent company of The Vulpine Club, issued the following statement with regards the President of the United States' Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship:


About OwO Group LLC:
OwO Group LLC is a leading provider of social media services to foxes and other creatures.

Rey Tucker


selfies, cute dresses, eye contact 

I think I like the last one the most. :D

I can't wait for social distancing to ease up, so I can share all my baked goods. On the plus side, lots of tasty food in my fridge.

This honey oat bread turned out amazing; I may never buy from the store again.

My first attempt making yeast bread. Nice and fluffy!

selfie, eye contact, hairflip 

Which hairflip looks better?

selfie, eye contact, bedhead 

Local enby is sleepy, wants headpats.

ACNH, Symmetry 

Is my island symmetrical enough?

selfie, ec, boost/thirst welcome 

Few days old but my hair and look have just been great lately and tbh so have my boobs

I'm still cute in case you were wondering
[selfy, eye contact, boost+]

lewd silly, audio hazard, disney 

no one’s quick like gaston
no one’s thicc like gaston
no one’s constantly craving the dick like gaston

oh it’s grand to have him as a buddy
(yes that’s him in the rope over there)
he’s so thoroughly subby and slutty
and every last inch of him’s covered with hair

no one rocks like gaston
(what a fox, that gaston!)
no one sucks our brains out through our cocks like gaston


Targeted showerheads feel amazing on my butt.

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