I went to watch a hold and a space flight broke out!


Welp, that incident marks the second time in four days that I genuinely felt unsafe without my gun. Honestly kinda hoping for "constitution carry" right about now 🤷

Just a little pin prick
There'll be no more... aaaaaaaah!
But you might feel a little sick

The novelty in this realization is that the ego economy isn't a net zero game. Self worth, like wealth, can simply be created without having to take it from someone else. It can also be oppositely abused to break someone down needlessly.

But it's *not* *net* *zero*! Given the fact that we *can* generate self worth ethically (with the proper intentions and mindfulness), why would we not?

Perhaps the only winning move *is* to play, after all

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Demand is a funny thing. Beyond being the core of the economy, it is the core of ego and instrumental in how the human brain works.

Demand dictates what we pay attention to and for how long. It determines how we use our energy outside of the mind too. It can provide us temporary satisfaction when met and temporary suffering when it isn't.

Economic demand manifests an economy and promotes wealth generation, as well as misuse. Similarly, psychic demand manifests an ego, driving both self worth and suffering.

Never thought that I'd love owning an SUV so much. I get it now! :D

re: mh -, ranting 

Reminder that I could make a fortune designing missiles and other weapons of war.

What's stopping me? Give me a good reason

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mh -, ranting 

Tbh, I'm a little upset about "ethics" right now. People talk a big game about how unethical capitalism is but go right on playing the game. I stopped, now I'm still as stressed out as before plus struggling to make ends meet.

Do you think it was "ethical" what "ethics" did to me?

Do you think engineers should bear the burden of an unethical system? Then you should be paying me for my non-participation tbh

KosmoGen awooed

HIV news (vaccine development), European Pharmaceutical Review source 


"A novel vaccine approach for the prevention of HIV has shown promise in Phase I trials, reported IAVI and Scripps Research. According to the organisations, the vaccine successfully stimulated the production of the rare immune cells needed to generate antibodies against HIV in 97 percent of participants."

"In the Phase I IAVI G001trial, 48 healthy adult volunteers were enrolled to receive either a placebo or two doses of the vaccine compound, eOD-GT8 60mer, along with an adjuvant developed by the GlaxoSmithKline.

One of the lead investigators on the trial, Dr Julie McElrath, senior vice president and director of Fred Hutch’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, said the trial was “a landmark study in the HIV vaccine field,” adding that they had demonstrated “success in the first step of a pathway to induce broad neutralising antibodies against HIV-1.”"

There's more details in the article, but like...

Holy shit, y'all.

HIV has been an ongoing quiet pandemic, under-treated due to assholes associating it with the LGBTQ+ community and moral failings, for as long as I've been alive.

This is such good news I'm crying.

But seriously, will the FAA do it's damn job and regulate this maniac already?

Now introducing the Fungal Non-Token or FNT

(It's literally just a mushroom)

Maybe a hot take but a milage tax is kinda inevitable, really. Roads in the US are paid for by steep taxes already built into the price of gasoline and as more (rich) people buy more electric cars, their contribution to road taxes decreases.

Of course, it remains to be seen if gas taxes will be relieved by mileage taxes. Without gas tax reduction, additional milage taxes will just double tax those who drive gas powered cars.

Texas isn't just America but cowboy flavored. Shit is different down here and things that work elsewhere just won't work here.

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Sorry for being grumpy about this, but I'm not willing to easily give up the last inch of independence and self defense I posses. The last year has left me scarred and I'm 100% serious that I'd rather die than surrender my firearms. It's a symbolic issue. It's a self defense issue. I reserve my right to armed resistance of systematic abuse of rights and I don't think taking that right away is proportional to the problem

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guns, violence 

I own guns because I'm afraid of the nut jobs who own guns in Texas. Fuck your theory; until you're personally willing to come disarm my neighbors, your opinion on gun control is meaningless to me.

re: alcohol 

Getting into brewing has made me kinda wish I had majored in bio-molecular engineering and left software as just a hobby. Yeast is fascinating! All yeast is basically "the same" but different strains have *very* different properties for brewing and *very* different costs.

Even simple ale yeast costs around 30x more than bread yeast. The difference is *not* negligible! But there seems to be very little publicly available info on what the biological differences exactly are.

Trying to analyze and understand the different varieties of yeast strains will probably be a lifelong hobby now.

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So I've been brewing a lot of beer recently and made a few interesting discoveries:

1. Mixing bread yeast and beer yeast has interesting results, possibly due to unintentional fermentation of "off flavors"
2. Bread yeast ferments at only one speed: TURBO
3. I think this suggests that fermentation speed is inversely proportional to ABV tolerance
4. Personal preference but I think 25% bread yeast added to US-05 ale yeast makes a damn good kolsch approximation

I've got a 75% bread yeast ale in the works. So far it has fermented RAPIDLY. It was producing CO2 at a rate much greater than even 25% and it seems to be nearly done after only a couple of days. We'll see how this effects ABV and FG in a few days...

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