#Introductions Hello, I am kode54 or kuroshi, and I just moved to this instance, to hopefully find a cleaner federated timeline than I had before. I'm a computer programmer, and somewhat rarely, a bit of a gaming addict. My boyfriend also lives on this instance.

Bugs experienced in the RX 480 were typically stream errors or delays causing the decoder to lock up for seconds or minutes at a time. Not fun. Never experienced this under Linux, probably because nothing fricking uses hardware codecs there.

I just got my refurbished RX 480 back, and it's still buggy as hell in random stuff in Windows! Guess I'm still in the GTX 960 4GB club for the foreseeable future. I also ran some video codec versus GPU engine usage checks with DXVA Checker, and it uses lower percentages per task for the same workload as the RX 480, and I mean noticeably lower, like 5-10% less of the GPU for the same tasks. (Skype: HW H.264 Enc/Dec; Parsec: HW HEVC Enc)

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Oh, and I just had to reboot to solve a case of microstuttering that was affecting both my mouse cursor (video/input) and my audio output, and it wasn't registering as either DPC or ISR latency in LatencyMon.

Neat, I notice now that the nvlddmkm.sys driver has the leadership position as DPC latency king on my Windows 10 system, followed by the DirectX graphics subsystem and the Windows Driver Framework. I wonder if I really should consider downgrading even further to the R9 270X that's in my server machine, just to be on the fastest AMD card I have on hand, to see if that will fix the latency issues? Nvlddmkm.sys king at 1.67 milliseconds.

@Lumi Ahoy there, GTX 960 friend, at least I think you're still on GTX 960. My RX 480 just yeeted itself again, same as last time I was on Windows, disconnecting my monitors regularly. Under Linux, the monitors were locking up and Pulseaudio was locking up with it. Guess I'll use this other card that isn't fried yet!

"A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable"

-- Leslie Lamport, 1987

Re: ruxnor.net instance: It got yeeted. So I’m back on my last main instance, and two months worth of toots are now roundfiled.

Posting to notify of a redirect, for at least as long as we can afford to run it, I'll be running main on my own instance: @kode54@ruxnor.net

Remember to blacklist the project, Lerna github.com/lerna/lerna/issues/ because they removed the only developer who tried to blacklist evil people in the license. Damn bootlickers. Who cares about freedom if you have to share it with evil people?

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