I'm using a fucking badge pulley as a holder this is peak bay area

Hi I'm at FC we should hang out!
Yes this means you 👀

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I'm bringing my music equipment to FC if any1 wants to jam and throw a party 👀

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Not sure what this says about me but sure

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Your gender is the last photo that you have taken.

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Want to join my PMC? (Polyamorous Military Corp)

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Ughhh I wanna do fun off-road shit on my bike but all the places are SO FAR

AAAA I just noticed my pocket being fucky I hate them

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This year I:
- Altered my body and discovered the feeling of being okay with yourself, as an act of defiance.
- Changed my name and gender, as an act of defiance.
- Experienced gender euphoria as a non-binary transfemme for the first time, as an act of defiance.

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if you have any questions just go pspspsps and I’ll come to you

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me: *buys catfood*
cat: : ]

me: *buys same catfood*
cat: : ]

me: *buys same catfood*
cat: : ]

me: *buys exact same catfood*
cat: : ]

me: *buys 96 pack of the exact same cat food*
cat: no ty don't like it

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I have like 3 PSUs sitting around that I can't use cuz they all have their own different versions of modular cable with conductors in the wrong place so if I mix cables between brands I might fry something 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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