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My friend @soatok made a blog post series with some advise on how to get into a tech career, for everyone who got laid of and is struggling now.

“Let's get you into tech” is definitely not a solution for everyone, or idea in any way (STEM can be a pretty toxic environment), but it's still worth sharing if you have friends who want to go there.

WTF, Telegram's security & privacy propaganda seems to make ppl recommend it over Signal in here.

I don't currently have the spoons to go interact with that directly, but y'all might want to know that:

  • both have an open-source, reviewable client, and a proprietary, centralised server;

  • Signal provides confidentiality/encryption end-to-end for everything, by default (meaning that your device and the one of whoever you talk too see the communication content, but nothing else)

  • Telegram claims to provide e2ee, but does everything it can through its UX to make people communicate in the clear (i.e. without encryption, where they can read all messages); it also uses dangerously-incompetent cryptographic design, but that's almost the lesser problem.

  • both try pretty hard to get you to grant access to your contacts, and share some personal profile details with your contacts (who use the app) ;

  • Signal requires sharing your number (or rather, the one attached to your Signal acct) with your contacts;

  • Telegram defaults to sharing it, and they made it opt-out; of course, in less than a minute between the update and me finding the opt-out, it was capable of sharing my number with all my contacts (and there's no unsharing it).

TL;DR: Both kind-of suck at privacy, but at least Signal's devs can't read your msgs.

I keep getting SPAM bots trying to follow me from what look like legit accounts that haven't been used in years, but got recently compromised.

Given that we aren't seeing a huge, sudden influx of bots but more of a slow trickle, I guess this is just from online bruteforcing passwords of m.s accounts; kind of odd that they haven't bothered implementing countermeasures against that...

How to recognise those bots:

  • sudden follow from an account you don't know, that hasn't been active in years;
  • DMing them to ask why they are following you yields no response;
  • profile data edited to set the website as

Last one would be the easiest to check automatically, but also the easiest for the SPAMmer to change.

me, finding an channel somewhere:

Found new channel,
For us to discuss BeOS.
What? not funny?

food pun 

@jglauche : posts a pic of the udon dish she just cooked.
friend: Please don't send noods here.

“My cache has expired, let me actively check this person's pronouns” is so much queer culture <3

Je viens de me rendre compte d'un truc: la RATP est plus vieille que la Cinquième République, de presque 10 ans

Fedi, what do you all use for editing pictures?

I uninstalled GIMP 'cause I'd rather keep using unuseable software that insists on keeping an ableist name, and tried to use Krita and darktable for everything.

... and I just ran into a thing I couldn't (didn't know how to) do without reinstalling Gimp: partially blurring images for privacy reasons.

cursed, UK phone infrastructure, memetic hasard

Today it was announced that Yahoo! Groups is shutting down, and taking with it a piece of critical national infrastructure: the Oftel Yahoo Group which is used for managing UK phone number assignments.

Yes, really: See Ofcom's website

hard poetry, sexism, toxic masculinity 

When I was young, I believed in intellectual conversation:
I thought the patterns we wove in stale smoke
floated off to the heaven of ideas.
To be certified worthy of high masculine discourse
like a potato on a grater I would rub on contempt,
suck snubs, wade proudly through the brown stuff on the floor.
They were talking of integrity and existential ennui
while the women ran out for six-packs and had abortions
in the kitchen and fed the children and were auctioned off.

Eventually of course I learned how their eyes perceived me:
when I bore to them cupped in my hands a new poem to nibble,
when I brought my aerial maps of Sartre or Marx,
they said, she is trying to attract our attention,
she is offering up her breasts and thighs.
I walked on eggs, their tremulous equal:
They saw a fish peddler, hawking in the street.

Now I get coarse when the abstract nouns start flashing.
I go out to the kitchen to talk cabbages and habits.
I try hard to remember to watch what people do.
Yes, keep your eyes on the hands, let the voice go buzzing.
Economy is the bone, politics is the flesh,
watch who they beat and who they eat,
watch who they relieve themselves on, watch who they own.
The rest is decoration.

-- Marge Piercy

Why is meteor-ology the science of weather, and not the science of FUCKING METEORS?

now refuses to acknowledge meteorology that doesn't forecast meteor strikes and showers.

@SuricrasiaOnline, do your workers' health insurance and benefits also violate causality?

suspects the Austrian PVA is run by cosmic horrors or something.

@mrcat_art just made me my second commission: my toofcat self, as a queer supervilain! I will devour you, with SCIENCE! (CW: eye contact)
:sparkles_trans:​ 💜 :sparkles_pan:

The Queer Vilain Flag is @distressedegg's


Love your

especially when there's an outage, those are stressful.


The next release of Inform 7 (and its toolchain, inc. inweb and intest) is expected for fall, and will be open-source.

If you don't know what it is, Inform is a world model engine that's based on natural language.
It's hugely popular in interactive fiction and games (in the latter, often as a prototyping tool).

There's a reasonable intro to it in the talk that announced the opensource release:

stranded in Gatwick, boosts OK 

Could anyone not too far from Gatwick host me overnight?

I'm currently stranded because of an airport-wide outage and sleazyJet refuses to deal with anything (even though they are legally required to)

Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage. -- Maya Angelou

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