Odd question, @vyr, but did you commission artwork of Mel?

'cause I just ran into this and it feels to me very much like that kind of energy :3

blinks. So, now, Mastodon just leans hard into the dark patterns, and eats up half of my notifications column with a thing demanding to enable desktop notifications, and no way to dismiss it. 🙀

To add insult to injury, the annoying demand is laid out in a way that's more attention-grabbing than toots and such:

  • bright blue button, with an all-caps label;
  • different typography than the surrounding elements;
  • wider margins, which makes it pop out more (and eat more space) : even though “Never miss a thing” is only 1px bigger than display names, it seems much bigger due to its ample breathing room.

I've also been drawn as my fox self by friends, one who isn't on fedi and one who is @banjofox@elekk.xyz and awesome.

CW: eye contact

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I just realised I don't have a pinned post for art of me, so here you go: saber-toothed cat me, as drawn by the amazing @Monsieurchat

CW: eye contact on pictures 2 and 4

@mrcat_art just made me my second commission: my toofcat self, as a queer supervilain! I will devour you, with SCIENCE! (CW: eye contact)
:sparkles_trans:​ 💜 :sparkles_pan:

The Queer Vilain Flag is @distressedegg's


🇬🇧 I just received the final version of the pride portrait I commissioned from @mrcat_art, along with a bonus drawing they threw in. 💜
is even more hyped than when she was watching him draw it live.

I'm now a real commissioner, but my name ain't Gordon ;3

🇫🇷 Je viens de recevoir la version finale du portrait “gay pride” que m'a fait @mrcat_art, ainsi qu'un dessin bonus. :blobhearttranscat:
est encore plus excitée que quand elle le regardait dessiner en direct.

est maintenant une dangereuse commanditaire.

Twitter digs up a collection of cool lesbian kiss pictures from the 19th and 20th century...
and fail to realise it's gay 😹

“friendship kiss” my furry arse.


Late 19th century sculpture of a transgender nymph. A+ transition goals.

CC @banjofox@elekk.xyz

Scary kitty 

Smoll kitty,
orange eyes, scary,
eyes him slip an orange in a pocket,
pounces. Shoplifting? Nyet!

( To clarify, this is not throwing shade at people who shoplift food 'cause they can't afford it; not your fault if society fails you that much :( )

I'm pretty sure that's not how scrolling is supposed to work...

On the plus side, the 2.0 release fixed image upload for me! vulpine.club/media/MvQJQ1a28YX

Transcription: white fluffy dog talking

Greetings hooman
I am the good boy
my floof is sof
and my belly rubbable.

I come to tel you
you can do it!
you can do the ting!


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