@mrcat_art just made me my second commission: my toofcat self, as a queer supervilain! I will devour you, with SCIENCE! (CW: eye contact)
:sparkles_trans:​ 💜 :sparkles_pan:

The Queer Vilain Flag is @distressedegg's


🇬🇧 I just received the final version of the pride portrait I commissioned from @mrcat_art, along with a bonus drawing they threw in. 💜
is even more hyped than when she was watching him draw it live.

I'm now a real commissioner, but my name ain't Gordon ;3

🇫🇷 Je viens de recevoir la version finale du portrait “gay pride” que m'a fait @mrcat_art, ainsi qu'un dessin bonus. :blobhearttranscat:
est encore plus excitée que quand elle le regardait dessiner en direct.

est maintenant une dangereuse commanditaire.

Twitter digs up a collection of cool lesbian kiss pictures from the 19th and 20th century...
and fail to realise it's gay 😹

“friendship kiss” my furry arse.


Late 19th century sculpture of a transgender nymph. A+ transition goals.

CC @banjofox

Scary kitty 

I'm pretty sure that's not how scrolling is supposed to work...

On the plus side, the 2.0 release fixed image upload for me! vulpine.club/media/MvQJQ1a28YX

Transcription: white fluffy dog talking

Greetings hooman
I am the good boy
my floof is sof
and my belly rubbable.

I come to tel you
you can do it!
you can do the ting!


I kinda want Phebe Fitzsimmons' job: “Senior VP of fursuit testing and scalp massages”
Courtesy of @bizbot vulpine.club/media/ZG_Oa1OJ6Qn

Dear Fediverse, I just painted my nails in the most gorgeous metal violet color. The picture does't really do it justice. vulpine.club/media/Bu_byRUYBwz

Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the noodles (no, not noodles@debian.org...), so here have a close up of some tasty grana padano!

And *bam* dinner is ready.

Post-moderm: brain-weasel made it tasty, but a bit heavy on the spice; ate it with a glass of milk =^.^=

vulpine.club/media/blRHyBItWhk vulpine.club/media/q9htGPu5pHs

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