What does your instance use for Fedi-verbs?

@kellerfuchs โพสต์,ดัน,ชื่นชอบ ( isn’t really mine, but I use it everyday.)

@maloki @kellerfuchs I toot, you toot, they toot, we all toot.

Maybe we need to ask the purple goblin why we are posting and not tooting?!

@GwenfarsGarden @maloki giggles.

I'd actually be curious to know, but I don't know the purple gob' :3

@GwenfarsGarden @kellerfuchs @maloki maybe post is the default for hometown. That would make sense from the targetted audience

@GwenfarsGarden @wolfie I can't tell whether it's a American vs. British English thing (does Masto even support having separate localisations for those?) or just that I misspelt it in the poll 😹

@kellerfuchs @GwenfarsGarden I went and checked a few instances I have accounts on and they all say Favourite 😁

@wolfie @GwenfarsGarden Damn. I will get all the replies telling me it's favourite, but I really CBA to delete&redraft the poll again xD

@kellerfuchs @wolfie I'd be happy to fill in again... But yeh, it's hard once you have got a number of votes

@wolfie @kellerfuchs Yeh, I checked my Kith.Kitchen account and that's Favourite too

@kellerfuchs @wolfie I know we are on the Hometown fork, so it might offer more options?

@kellerfuchs Brilho (shine or glow), Reflexo (reflection or mirror), Favorito (favourite). My instance's language is PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese)

@octonine @veer66 Nice 💜

I was hoping for not-English instances, and y'all aren't disappointing :blobcathug:

(it's not even my native language, but it's what I use because I'm on v.c... and realistically I don't want to see bad translations and end up interacting again with upstream to fix it)

@kellerfuchs Post/Boost/Favourite

it's glitchsoc and i'm too indifferent to change those

@kellerfuchs Oh whoops. I voted "other" then saw it's what the /instance/ uses. toot/boost/favorite.

@kellerfuchs I personally say "post/boost/star" though. The star doesn't really /mean/ "like" or "favorite", it's way more complicated than that.

@kellerfuchs Rar, Echo, Treasure - pretty close to #4 but not quite!

- Packbat 🎒

@kellerfuchs we have "Comrade %s called you out" for mentions and all notifications start with "Comrade "

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