blinks. So, now, Mastodon just leans hard into the dark patterns, and eats up half of my notifications column with a thing demanding to enable desktop notifications, and no way to dismiss it. 🙀

To add insult to injury, the annoying demand is laid out in a way that's more attention-grabbing than toots and such:

  • bright blue button, with an all-caps label;
  • different typography than the surrounding elements;
  • wider margins, which makes it pop out more (and eat more space) : even though “Never miss a thing” is only 1px bigger than display names, it seems much bigger due to its ample breathing room.

@kellerfuchs I've filed an issue about the inability to dismiss it:

The design for when the permission was denied has been made less aggressive, but I guess they overlooked that people wouldn't expect to have to click "Enable …" then deny the browser prompt :/

@digitalfox I realised I could do that, but it's still backwards from a UX perspective, it's not OK to basically assert users have to give permission, and I need to deal with that bullcrap everytime I open Masto (so at least every reboot?) :/

@kellerfuchs I agree with your stance on this, and I've tried to make it clear in my issue that it's not okay while hopefully not coming across as attacking, either.

I found out when screenrecording today it also results in making the banner un-dismissable when using Firefox in Private Browsing mode unless you /actually/ give permission, which really makes this feel unintended (see my most recent comment on the issue). Still, it's… definitely something that could've been better thought through :(

@kellerfuchs who even thought this was a good idea, we aren't birdsite, let people decide their own level of engagement

I hope everyone sensible patches it out

@kellerfuchs What... the heck. Why would it even do that? Why is it in Mastodon's interest that you enable notifications? That's so bizarre.

@kellerfuchs Why don't they at LEAST have an X to close it and then remember that?


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