gently pokes @InvaderXan.

I was wondering, after successfully failing to kill my chives, what kind of plants can I easily grow on a balcony that are good seasoning?

I was thinking dill, maybe coriander; mustard would be amazing but I have no idea how big and needy it gets.

Quick summary:

  • alliums: garlic, spring onion, chives (already have), ...
  • aromatic herbs: basil, dill, lavender, rosemary.

@kellerfuchs Any kind of herbs would grow well on a balcony. Aromatic ones like lavender and rosemary will make the place smell nice too. Though they all have various different needs, so make sure they get the right amount of sunlight and water.

Other aliums are fairly easy to grow too, and taste just as good. I usually have some garlic sprouts growing. Spring onions too.

Garlic greens are very underrated in Western cuisine IMO!

@InvaderXan Oh, yes, alliums and rosemary are a great ideal, I like both Quite A Bit.

adds rosemary, spring onions and garlic to the list.

@efi OK, so I should probably keep that for once I level up my balcony-garden skills :3

@kellerfuchs i'm not @InvaderXan but i've had good luck with rosemary: heat-tolerant, neglect-tolerant, smells nice

@vyr @kellerfuchs It's lovely stuff, rosemary. Can grow surprisingly large, too!

@kellerfuchs @InvaderXan coriander grew easily from seeds here and is waay more aromatic than store bought

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