Me: plugs in the miniDP->HDMI cable
Laptop: Noooooooo display snow, gets grumpy.
Me: Oh, come on, I need to listen to whatever the hecc this @powderpaint thing is (spoiler: I'm blasting it in the living room and to my neighbours, and it slaps)

How do you even do analog-style snow on a purely-digital, error-corrected link? O_o

@kellerfuchs I would assume it's intentionally added by the laptop, since it's familiar to many people.

@kellerfuchs Generating white noise, or a reasonable approximation thereof, is not difficult, after all. You could even use an AGC circuit hooked up to some kind of noise source, like a BJT's B-E junction in avalanche breakdown mode.

@kellerfuchs @powderpaint sounds like a driver getting pissed off and transmitting undefined ram.

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