Lovely birbsite thread where a museum curator explains that putting paint on bronze busts of racists is entirely harmless, but that “it would be a shame” if said bronzes were exposed to some common household products (like salted water, or tomatoes), causing them irreversible damage that grows over time.
wink wink, nudge nudge.

bronze disease 

@kellerfuchs Huh, how about that..

"Bronze disease is an irreversible and nearly inexorable corrosion process that occurs when chlorides come into contact with bronze or other copper-bearing alloys. It can occur as both a dark green coating, or as a much lighter whitish fuzzy or furry green coating. It is not a bacterial infection, but the result of a chemical reaction with the chlorides that usually occurs due to contamination of the bronze object by saltwater or from burial in specific types of dirt where chloride salts are present. If not treated, complete destruction of the affected artifact is possible. Treatment is very difficult, costly and not always effective."

Perhaps needless to say, some hellbird folk took exception:

re: bronze disease 

@porsupah Yeah; I'm glad that, at least, it's her employer does not seem to have taken issue.

It looks like it's some cops being fascist pigs, probably supported by hellbird people who have no business poking their nose in art preservation in the first place. :(

re: bronze disease 

@kellerfuchs Very much so - that's hugely gratifying to see, given how easy it would've been to satisfy those who'll express outrage at damage or disposal of an object whose single purpose is to reinforce the legitimacy, even *grandeur*, of the horrors they stood for.

re: bronze disease 

@porsupah Yas.

Sadly, the cops are often there to make sure it goes wrong even when everyone else is being decent >_>'

is reminded of a recent case, where the defacement of a monument to an SS regiment (WTF), in a small-town cemetery in Canada (WTF WTF), is getting investigated by the local police as a hate crime (WTF WTF WTF).

re: bronze disease 

@kellerfuchs Oh, good grief.. yes, I'd heard about that recently. Mind-boggling, yet, seemingly as old as WW2:

"In the decades following World War II, Canada became a haven for far-right Ukrainian nationalists"

"The scale of the influx of Nazi collaborators only became public knowledge in the 1980s. A comprehensive study carried out by Alti Rodal on behalf of the federal government-appointed Deschênes Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals in Canada uncovered records proving that US intelligence agents in Europe had funneled Nazi collaborators from Eastern Europe through the Canadian immigration system using false papers. Rodal revealed that large numbers of identically typed applications were received by Canada's immigration department from one address in West Germany. On closer inspection, this address turned out to be a US military base."

@fox_news sighs. I know, yes.

Some Twitter twits got the police to go after her.

If you are looking for more information, there is a Wikipedia page

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