sometimes english is simple and others it has bullshit words like "miscellaneous"


@dzuk @Siphonay Yeah, all those miscellaneous words can leave me flummoxed; and don't even get me started on coinage :P

@dzuk @Siphonay Je ne vois pas ce que tu veux dire 😇

(“I don't se what you mean” in French, which has all the silent letters and smooshing the end of a word into the start of the next one)

@kellerfuchs @Siphonay *grooooaaaans*, yeah, a lot of phrasing segments surrounding 'que' just kills me.

@Siphonay @kellerfuchs it's like, almost all of my french nightmares right there

@Siphonay @dzuk 😹

To be fair, I don't think that's super idiomatic?
At least, I would just say “Qu'est-ce” (“What is it”, literally) or “Qu'est-ce que c'est” (“what is it that it is?” :wtf:)

@Siphonay Alt text: A scanned paper, with a French sentence and a word-by-word translation:

Qu'est-ce que c'est que cette chose là ?
What is this that this is that this thing there?

@Siphonay @dzuk @kellerfuchs I remember my French tutor imploring us to just *talk * and not try to understand why all of it is in there :-)

@kellerfuchs @Siphonay (and I'm calling them 'segments' - they don't feel like actual words)

@kellerfuchs @dzuk @Siphonay my pet peeve is "unambiguous" a word you have to negate, to get a non-negated or… singular form.

@meena @dzuk @Siphonay Isn't “ambiguous” also valid in English? I thought it was.

In French, I don't think there's a simple negative form of “ambigu/ambigüe”; I guess the closest would be “univoque” (which does mean unambiguous, but it's a different word)

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