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I just realised I don't have a pinned post for art of me, so here you go: saber-toothed cat me, as drawn by the amazing @Monsieurchat

CW: eye contact on pictures 2 and 4

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I've also been drawn as my fox self by friends, one who isn't on fedi and one who is and awesome.

CW: eye contact

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Fellers, is it gay to cut trees? 

Felling is the process of cutting down trees, an element of the task of logging. The person cutting the trees is a feller.
Felling, Wikipedia

Odd question, @vyr, but did you commission artwork of Mel?

'cause I just ran into this and it feels to me very much like that kind of energy :3

@Nausicaa, je voulais juste te remercier, du fond du cœur, parce que tu m'as énormément inspirée / motivée pour me mettre à faire de l'art pour plotter.

(OK, ça aide aussi que le hackerspace en ai un maintenant, parce que j'étais bloquée et n'arrivais pas à avancer pour me construire un plotter type Brachiograph)

Bon, par contre j'avoue que j'ai ça en Python, dans un bloc-notes Jupyter, parce que c'est pas mal pour avoir des retours quasi-instantanés, faire du prototypage rapide, etc.

Sur le plus long terme, je pense que les primitives un peu lourdes — comme la détection de contours, leur vectorisation, les problèmes d'optimisation sur graphe, ... — je vais les implémenter en Rust et de façon moins “olé olé”, et soit je les exposerai comme un module Python avec PyO3, soit écrire du Rust directement dans Jupyter, via EvCxR.

En tout cas, je suis contente : je m'y suis mise ce matin et j'ai déjà une des “features” principales que je voulais (extraction de contours et leur vectorisation) et des idées de comment je vais lui faire dessiner “dans les lignes”

Merci encore d'avoir partagé tes créations, ça m'a énormément motivée :blobcatheart:

Puis-je te DM quelques images?

Hey, le masto francophone!

Connaîtrais-vous un·e psychologue trans-friendly, qui accepterait de me faire faire certains tests standardisés, en téléconsultation ?

C'est pour faire admettre au système Autrichien que je suis transgenre et ADHD : dans les deux cas il faut qu'un·e psychologue m'administre une batterie de tests standardisés, et je n'en trouve aucun local qui veuille gérer le faite que mon Allemand n'est pas assez mon pour faire une demi-douzaine de tests à 600 questions chacun en une ou deux heures...

What does your instance use for Fedi-verbs?

blinks. So, now, Mastodon just leans hard into the dark patterns, and eats up half of my notifications column with a thing demanding to enable desktop notifications, and no way to dismiss it. 🙀

To add insult to injury, the annoying demand is laid out in a way that's more attention-grabbing than toots and such:

  • bright blue button, with an all-caps label;
  • different typography than the surrounding elements;
  • wider margins, which makes it pop out more (and eat more space) : even though “Never miss a thing” is only 1px bigger than display names, it seems much bigger due to its ample breathing room.

Do y'all know whether someone has made QVP emojis? I just realised it's something I'd love and use the heck out of, but my drawing skills stop at stick figures 😿

tentatively pokes @distressedegg.

Ce soir, grâce à @Anzeliane, on apprend que l'alignement de Jean-Pierre Polnareff, c'est « chaotic E-girl »

Ah, yes, the fantastic technological world we live in...

where Microsoft Excel is incel software that assumes everything is a date, and biologists insists on using it even though it mangles gene names (by “converting” them to dates)

The obvious solutions is clearly to rename the entire human genome to work around broken software:

Hey, antiracist pals.

From what I understand, thanks to 💜, the raised fist is an icon that comes from the Black Panther movement, so I'd be uncomfortable using it, given that I'm white passing.

Is there another anti-racist flag/symbol you know of, that I could use? :3

I accidentally a word earlier today: freudenfreude.

It's the opposite of “schadenfreude”: joy at someone else's happiness.

I have since been informed that compersion isn't only for relationship-stuffs, but it's too late the word-factory won't take back my neologism; like I'd want to give it back anyhow.

Quick summary:

  • alliums: garlic, spring onion, chives (already have), ...
  • aromatic herbs: basil, dill, lavender, rosemary.
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gently pokes @InvaderXan.

I was wondering, after successfully failing to kill my chives, what kind of plants can I easily grow on a balcony that are good seasoning?

I was thinking dill, maybe coriander; mustard would be amazing but I have no idea how big and needy it gets.

I've also been drawn as my fox self by friends, one who isn't on fedi and one who is and awesome.

CW: eye contact

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I just realised I don't have a pinned post for art of me, so here you go: saber-toothed cat me, as drawn by the amazing @Monsieurchat

CW: eye contact on pictures 2 and 4

Me: plugs in the miniDP->HDMI cable
Laptop: Noooooooo display snow, gets grumpy.
Me: Oh, come on, I need to listen to whatever the hecc this @powderpaint thing is (spoiler: I'm blasting it in the living room and to my neighbours, and it slaps)

How do you even do analog-style snow on a purely-digital, error-corrected link? O_o

Lovely birbsite thread where a museum curator explains that putting paint on bronze busts of racists is entirely harmless, but that “it would be a shame” if said bronzes were exposed to some common household products (like salted water, or tomatoes), causing them irreversible damage that grows over time.
wink wink, nudge nudge.

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