every time i post now i get to see the sweet new avatar @maple made for me and it reminds me of how fab i look

jokes aside all these "fav and i'll subtoot" posts are putting a bunch of really positive posts on my timeline and i love it

-a very shy fennec leans into the microphone at a public speaking event and lets out a tiny squeak-

-the whole audience roars with applause!- 😃🎤🦊

I feel like saying "my girlfriend" when I have three girlfriends might not be specific enough..

have you ever noticed that nobody who says “I’m a professional” is about to do something professional

I'm sure it's coincidental, but I find it amusing that my Internet performance improved markedly after I tweeted to Comcast publicly to stop with their TCP RST packet bullshit and their anti-neutrality poppycock.

I guess I'm going to do the subtoot thing, with a twist:

I'm currently travelling, so it will take me ~forever (read: 10 to 24h) to react, but I will try to make a nice, anonymous-ish subtoot about everyone who likes this toot :3

A toutes (et tous) celles qui vont mal:

Je tiens fort à vous. Même si j’interagis pas, même si pour vous je suis pas une proche.
Je vous lis souvent, je prête attention à qui vous êtes.

Je vous souhaite tout le courage possible.

Je vous aime

i miss my private PGP key (the P stands for amazing and i (platonically) love you,

as a barista, an mmo player, and an unapologetic hoe, the phrase "rise and grind" really needs to be more specific to fit my lifestyle needs

Every interaction I've had with you has been pleasant.

I'm sorry you got fired due to ableism at work. I don't know what to say...

I guess I want to say I'm glad you're out of academia, it's a toxic cesspit with a nasty monoculture (sorry friendos who are in it, but it's true), and I suspect that culture is bacterial, probably MRSA.

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kit redgrave: not summarizable within one toot

i'll gladly accept that brand

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