People who have portraits of themselves at home:

  • megalomaniacs
  • furries

Someone I know wrote this, and it's soooooooo true:

programming is the practice of shadowboxing your former more ignorant self and somehow always ending up losing.

BTW, @impishgnoll, I forgot to ask yesterday but I also found you some lewd armored yeens.

Should I yeet them at you? :3

Kids putting their teeth under their pillows is the most occultist shit in the world.
Yes, child, put the discarded bone under your pillow. if you are lucky the tiny demon will come and make her purchase.
Sell your bones for riches, my child, your youth will be spent soon.

Originally from DanaSchwartzzz @ 🐦

When someone you follow boosts a common friend whom you thought had fallen off the face of the Fediverse, but turned out just to have switched accounts.


@rey Turns out, it is possible to set the default content type.
It's just not at all in the same place as the rest:

I made an issue to report the discrepancy:
(initially asked for a way to set it, then found the comment on #1046)

So, I fed @rey some homemade murritos, we have some leftovers for breakfast, and we watched Big Hero 6 (“Baymax” is the title in other languages) together.

She declared being satisfied with her care.

*can deactivate for the night.*

@rey Do you happen to know of any decent, cheap-ish USB scope?

I don't care about it being usable standalone, but I'm not willing to drop ~$60 on something that has only 20MHz bw, when there are far better used scopes going for ~$100 (but no USB, or annoying to use)

I feel like it ought to be easy-ish to make something meeting those expectations; say, 2 or 4 channels, 100MHz bw, below $100.

*totally doesn't want to start working on making her own, though, esp. when she's far away from her homelab.*

Memetic hazard, tape 

Oh, and I made @catoutofbed go “weh” in person, multiple times, and it was *extremely* kyut.

She's basically adorkable :blobcatheart:

I had a the most lovely time with @catoutofbed ❤️

We met up in a park, walked around
Then went for lunch in a bookshop/café

Then went to the Public ibrary, enjoyed the inside courtyard
/Then/ went to the library's map room, enquired about the process for looking at their historical maps of the city (Jess is doing a comparison of the pre-WW2 mass transit system vs. the modern one)
THEN we were ushured into a reading room, after The Reference Librarian had fetched a bunch of maps from the collections 😻
*THEN* we spend 3+ hours just looking at maps, taking notes, and basically I appointed myself Jess' research assistant for the day
(pictures to follow once I'm less flop)

Then we wnet back out to the commons and public garden
and then we got “lost” (not really, but got out at the wrong stop or took the bus in the wrong direction) 3 times while trying to get ice cream
we had ice cweam, was delicious
and we went home

The End. 💜

Do you know why people doing depilation for asexual clients are called zambonis? 

@rey just did the cutest and most adorkable thing.

There was a bird in the ledge of the window and she went "bird? Birb! Bird bird bird.", snuck closer, and started making luring noises and snapping pictures.

Cutest kittenfox 💗

How does one call an almost-monogamous mannequin ? 

Twitter digs up a collection of cool lesbian kiss pictures from the 19th and 20th century...
and fail to realise it's gay 😹

“friendship kiss” my furry arse.

@er1n we are pretty sure that adulthood was a myth all along and everyone is still just kids hoarding blocks, but with way more power than before

where do you even go when you're an adult now but you don't feel like one at all and barely anybody seems to actually be one

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