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*horrible bug happens in google plus, exposing massive amounts of user data*
google: hmm. let's pretend it didn't happen because cambridge analytica is going on right now and we don't wanna draw attention
google: hey so we got hacked a while ago and we're shutting down google plus soon
google: hey uhhhh we fucked up with google plus again so we're shutting it down more quicker now (
google: please send us your location data. we want to know where you are every second of the day. we'll keep the info safe and secure don't worry

Painting detailing (in monochrome, colors come later)

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*looks at you and tilts its head*
( ゚、 。7
 ( ︶ヽ
  U U  )ノ

@jordyd I love it because I can still do the "actually Intel was the real monster all along" thing

You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.


Est-ce qu'on vous a dit que vous pouviez aider @Illyse à faire de la fibre optique ? Y'a juste un prix de départ non neutre pour son budget, pour avoir le droit d'en faire.
Je connais vaguement les gens la bas, y sont chouette et sérieux.

Ça serait vraiment cool de réussir le premier palier mais aussi le second, pour que Illyse ait assez d'adresse IP (version 4) (Sinon je vais être obligé d'en rendre T_T).

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I ate an intel celery once,.,. it tasted like sand

-100/10, wouldn't recommend

NEW FOLKS: you should also know that you can turn off boosts from a certain person if you like their toots but not the stuff they repost.

(You can also turn off reposts completely in the web app, but it won't carry over to other apps.)

#introduction / #introductions

I'm Kel the Purple and I'm dragonkin! I'm a smol purple and green derglet. I have a partner of sorts, named Orpiment, a big yellow derg who doesn't talk much and we didn't always use to be frands *giggles* I unno if he'll ever pop up.

I just like to be cute and silly and hoard shiny things. I wanna be frands with everyone in this multiverse!

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