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I just realised I don't have a pinned post for art of me, so here you go: saber-toothed cat me, as drawn by the amazing @Monsieurchat

CW: eye contact on pictures 2 and 4

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I've also been drawn as my fox self by friends, one who isn't on fedi and one who is @banjofox and awesome.

CW: eye contact

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Ce soir, grâce à @Anzeliane, on apprend que l'alignement de Jean-Pierre Polnareff, c'est « chaotic E-girl »

Tonight, I have immanentized the Eschatomnomnom.

Ah, yes, the fantastic technological world we live in...

where Microsoft Excel is incel software that assumes everything is a date, and biologists insists on using it even though it mangles gene names (by “converting” them to dates)

The obvious solutions is clearly to rename the entire human genome to work around broken software:

Hey, antiracist pals.

From what I understand, thanks to @mrcat_art 💜, the raised fist is an icon that comes from the Black Panther movement, so I'd be uncomfortable using it, given that I'm white passing.

Is there another anti-racist flag/symbol you know of, that I could use? :3

I accidentally a word earlier today: freudenfreude.

It's the opposite of “schadenfreude”: joy at someone else's happiness.

I have since been informed that compersion isn't only for relationship-stuffs, but it's too late the word-factory won't take back my neologism; like I'd want to give it back anyhow.

Quick summary:

  • alliums: garlic, spring onion, chives (already have), ...
  • aromatic herbs: basil, dill, lavender, rosemary.
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gently pokes @InvaderXan.

I was wondering, after successfully failing to kill my chives, what kind of plants can I easily grow on a balcony that are good seasoning?

I was thinking dill, maybe coriander; mustard would be amazing but I have no idea how big and needy it gets.

I've also been drawn as my fox self by friends, one who isn't on fedi and one who is @banjofox and awesome.

CW: eye contact

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I just realised I don't have a pinned post for art of me, so here you go: saber-toothed cat me, as drawn by the amazing @Monsieurchat

CW: eye contact on pictures 2 and 4

Me: plugs in the miniDP->HDMI cable
Laptop: Noooooooo display snow, gets grumpy.
Me: Oh, come on, I need to listen to whatever the hecc this @powderpaint thing is (spoiler: I'm blasting it in the living room and to my neighbours, and it slaps)

How do you even do analog-style snow on a purely-digital, error-corrected link? O_o

Lovely birbsite thread where a museum curator explains that putting paint on bronze busts of racists is entirely harmless, but that “it would be a shame” if said bronzes were exposed to some common household products (like salted water, or tomatoes), causing them irreversible damage that grows over time.
wink wink, nudge nudge.

My friend @soatok made a blog post series with some advise on how to get into a tech career, for everyone who got laid of and is struggling now.

“Let's get you into tech” is definitely not a solution for everyone, or idea in any way (STEM can be a pretty toxic environment), but it's still worth sharing if you have friends who want to go there.

WTF, Telegram's security & privacy propaganda seems to make ppl recommend it over Signal in here.

I don't currently have the spoons to go interact with that directly, but y'all might want to know that:

  • both have an open-source, reviewable client, and a proprietary, centralised server;

  • Signal provides confidentiality/encryption end-to-end for everything, by default (meaning that your device and the one of whoever you talk too see the communication content, but nothing else)

  • Telegram claims to provide e2ee, but does everything it can through its UX to make people communicate in the clear (i.e. without encryption, where they can read all messages); it also uses dangerously-incompetent cryptographic design, but that's almost the lesser problem.

  • both try pretty hard to get you to grant access to your contacts, and share some personal profile details with your contacts (who use the app) ;

  • Signal requires sharing your number (or rather, the one attached to your Signal acct) with your contacts;

  • Telegram defaults to sharing it, and they made it opt-out; of course, in less than a minute between the update and me finding the opt-out, it was capable of sharing my number with all my contacts (and there's no unsharing it).

TL;DR: Both kind-of suck at privacy, but at least Signal's devs can't read your msgs.

I keep getting SPAM bots trying to follow me from what look like legit accounts that haven't been used in years, but got recently compromised.

Given that we aren't seeing a huge, sudden influx of bots but more of a slow trickle, I guess this is just from online bruteforcing passwords of m.s accounts; kind of odd that they haven't bothered implementing countermeasures against that...

How to recognise those bots:

  • sudden follow from an account you don't know, that hasn't been active in years;
  • DMing them to ask why they are following you yields no response;
  • profile data edited to set the website as

Last one would be the easiest to check automatically, but also the easiest for the SPAMmer to change.

me, finding an channel somewhere:

Found new channel,
For us to discuss BeOS.
What? not funny?

food pun 

@jglauche : posts a pic of the udon dish she just cooked.
friend: Please don't send noods here.

“My cache has expired, let me actively check this person's pronouns” is so much queer culture <3

Je viens de me rendre compte d'un truc: la RATP est plus vieille que la Cinquième République, de presque 10 ans

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