cribbage is a good game, it fits in the margins really well, more people should learn it

anyway friend me on this thing and challenge me to cribbage or battleship or whatever

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me: i feel old, my new favorite video game is board games

@starkatt , noticing I’ve been playing ranked cribbage: yeah, old people card games at that

the context for this is a model number suffix eg "model 5 mk2"

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@lorxus yeah I should clarify I mean as a sort of "version 2" synonym

how do you pronounce "mk2"?

@aoife is that really what it's about, i've only seen the episode title

I know some welders who hate jb-weld because people use it where you really need a weld and that's valid but what else can you use to bond plastic and steel and make it look like a five year old stick welded it

This song about Elon Musk and men like him is 🔥 💯

Rät -- Penelope Scott [3:14]

you ever just think about airplane on a treadmill

if you’re not familiar here’s probably the best blog post on it

I feel old

I ordered a seal from and the packaging was delightful

at their inception electronic messages nearly always had a specific recipient, as exemplified by RFC 822, but with the meteoric rise of the World Wide Web and democratization of hosting space a new way of sending electronic messages came to the fore—blogging, or posting restante

re: US tax product suggestion 

@firnen ok so I'm not sure it's required to be this way, but the cost basis reported on the 1099-B from etrade is screwed up for sales out of employee tax plans because it doesn't account for money reported as normal income. Which both ESPP and RSUs have. Also RSUs just don't have the cost basis reported.

etrade has this information, it's on a supplemental document that comes from the same page as the 1099, but it's not reported that way on the 1099 because... honestly the only thing I can come up with is that particular regulation is set up to deliberately screw employees.

semi-relatedly Intuit infamously lobbies hard against anything that would simplify tax law or even make it so everything would just be reported and the government could just send you a bill or a check with information you can verify, which is 100% possible and what many other countries do, because they make ludicrous amounts of money off of turbotax

US tax product suggestion 

W-2s and 1099s are due out today! When you get them, try instead of turbotax. free version is full-featured, support & audit defense upsell is only $7, and the UI is way snappier.

It can't try to import your income forms, but turbotax is bad at that anyway and I already have to do a bunch of manual corrections because (by law) employee stock sales are misreported on the 1099-B in a way that makes you pay too much tax if you don't. Thanks Intuit.

house rant, electrical 

landlord installed a new thermostat for the living room in October because the old one burned out (by which I mean the contacts fused or something and you could see scorch marks on the paper (!) insulation on the back)

new one burned out yesterday, after almost exactly four months, but was faster and noisier about it. so I've got it cranked all the way up (to avoid arcing) and am using the circuit breaker to manually get some heat, which is probably bad for it

I'm really annoyed at the previous owner who did the baseboard conversion to this house - there's this huge hole with a mediocre fill in the hardwood floor that I can tell was a return for forced air, probably was oil. When the old thermostat burned out I measured the current at 24.5 amps and as far as I can tell there just isn't a thermostat on the market rated for that. But the old one was rated for 23A if I remember right and the new one for 22A, which is where they seem to cap out.

re: Hades (game), non-story spoiler 

@Kyresti yeah. The key phrase for this aspect (which you get from Zeus...) is something like “I see your prideful fall down from the heavens to the flames” and Zeus says apparently it’s “someone who defied a god”.

I just feel like a weapon Hestia forged being wielded by Lucifer raises some theological questions.

Everything is dollars except dollars, which are debt.

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