I ordered a seal from letterseals.com and the packaging was delightful

I’m trying to figure out what this thing is from a crude drawing from memory. we used to use these to hang stuff from kite lines (line laundry or sky garbage) by putting a section of line through the top hole, looping it over the cleat on top and releasing, and then using a snap swivel in the bottom hole to attach swirly things or windsocks or whatever. I’m pretty sure they have some other use because they were injection-molded and kites aren’t that big a market I don’t think? I think maybe it has something to do with fishing or... well, some kinda rigging?

Though, you’d be surprised how much you can lift with a smallish kite. And a slightly bigger kite has a lot more force... we used to have a 19 foot wingspan delta kite with a standard complement of five 50-foot windsocks on the line.

Tree supports in Cura are cool

I’ll post a photo of the finished product when it’s done so you can see how they envelop the print

I don’t know whether this title is innuendo or not and that’s why I picked it

gunsposting, lube experiments, pun 

experimenting with adding methyl salicylate to the cocogun oil (coconut oil, it’s just a dedicated jar for guns) to see if it has any desirable properties and I thought I’d label the mix jar

adding wintergreen is what froglube and tracklube (marketed for roller coasters too!) do, so my mind kinda went: froglube -> toad? -> toodle-lube

also “toodleoo” is a derogatory reference to the “boogaloo” meme in some circles


built an AR-15 lower this evening and plugged it into the upper I bought the parts kit with

it’s almost done, I’ve got a red dot coming

I think the pivot detent is actively malevolent

facebook ads 

wish is my favorite Facebook advertiser because you’re guaranteed at least one thing in every ad that makes you go “what on god’s green flat earth”, one where you’re pretty sure ordering it would put you on a list, and a fun wildcard... like a nerf carbine conversion

guns, sign design joke 

Australia has this terrible sign to indicate broken traffic lights are all-way stop, and somebody said Americans would just try to shoot it

so I’m like first of all how dare you, second excuse me I’ve got a date with Inkscape a plotter and some shoot-n-c stickies

videogame, guns ref, shitpost 

it also comes with a drop leg holster?

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videogame horny (?) posting 

the new nintendo fitness game has the horniest nintendo villain since ever

“here is your campaign opponent he’s a, dragon? demon? both? anyway he’s colossal and fuckin jacked and threatening you and posing in a leotard”

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