US tax product suggestion 

W-2s and 1099s are due out today! When you get them, try instead of turbotax. free version is full-featured, support & audit defense upsell is only $7, and the UI is way snappier.

It can't try to import your income forms, but turbotax is bad at that anyway and I already have to do a bunch of manual corrections because (by law) employee stock sales are misreported on the 1099-B in a way that makes you pay too much tax if you don't. Thanks Intuit.

US tax product suggestion 

@keisisqrl wait what law is that?

re: US tax product suggestion 

@firnen ok so I'm not sure it's required to be this way, but the cost basis reported on the 1099-B from etrade is screwed up for sales out of employee tax plans because it doesn't account for money reported as normal income. Which both ESPP and RSUs have. Also RSUs just don't have the cost basis reported.

etrade has this information, it's on a supplemental document that comes from the same page as the 1099, but it's not reported that way on the 1099 because... honestly the only thing I can come up with is that particular regulation is set up to deliberately screw employees.

semi-relatedly Intuit infamously lobbies hard against anything that would simplify tax law or even make it so everything would just be reported and the government could just send you a bill or a check with information you can verify, which is 100% possible and what many other countries do, because they make ludicrous amounts of money off of turbotax

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