Today I Learned that there's a chess opening so patently terrible that it's referred to as "bongcloud opening".

I did a bunch of research on alternatives to dichromates in alternative process printing (carbon and gum, specifically) a few months ago and today dumped what I'd collected into a gist. This is important because the EU has banned dichromates, and hexavalent chromium - while pretty and easy to mitigate as waste (though most users don’t bother) - is a nasty flesh-eating carcinogen. Fortunately there are alternatives, though they complicate the process a little - certain (much less toxic) azide dyes are almost a drop-in replacement but require better washing, and there’s a process exploiting the photosensitivity of ferric salts similarly to cyanotype, vandyke, and platinum printing.

Pages 9 and 10 of the Chiba System paper quote horrifying accounts from workers at factories using bichromate (an archaic but still popular synonym for potassium dichromate) and medical literature on ammonium dichromate toxicity, respectively. It’s effective but it’s good to avoid.

it is understandable but a little disappointing that, as depicted in the documentary Men In Black II, USPS has considered packages secured with string unmailable for decades

“actinic light” is one of my favorite anachronisms

SSTV S2 Image received on 7.171 MHz LSB at 2022-03-17 04:55:26 UTC
#sstv #S2 #7171

heard this song on at rite aid and had to tag it because… you’ll figure it out at about 30s

Talking with @keisisqrl about radio technologies:
"3kHz is practically DC. Below 3kHz, you've ceased being Very Low Frequency and have instead entered Treble Clef."

I’m not sure why but I was not prepared for boiled linseed oil to smell like food

finishing order of snacks paid with company gift card

website: before you order do you want to write a thank you note for the exec team

me: clears throat thank you mr lunt for your wonderful gift of chocolate


the only left position on US intervention is that it's always bad, no matter what

whether or not the US intervenes in ukraine is also completely out of your hands, feeling one way or the other about putin isn't going to affect the decision

:blobfoxaww: I asked @keisisqrl a question about antenna impedance and she showed me a 1957 film with one of the best basic science demos I've seen in quite a while.

looking at articles on alternative photography - as I do - and notice one simply titled "Uranium"

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