got scans for the first roll from my 3d printed pinhole camera back

I saw a twentysomething youtuber discover that film canisters are waterproof and I feel so old

manufacturing processes from the minds that brought you the demon core

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what if we put took a bunch of magnesium/uranium tetrafluoride thermite and made a uranium pipe bomb

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watched a video of a sodium-silica thermite

me: but wait… does it have to be oxygen?

@starkatt : if you want to make chlorine thermite that’s on you but I’m not sure it’s thermite anymore

the Manhattan Project: hold my beer

got a Vivitar 283 flash off of eBay (the kind of thing people call “venerable” but only fetches $15 or so) and after a little cleanup it works like a charm

you can hear the coil whine after I fire it in this which starts so low it sounds like a jet spooling up

fr though the Trimline was a great phone, I have one in black and I love it

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There was a new person at cribbage club tonight who had a board *tattooed on her arm* so she could play anywhere with just cards and a marker and I’m still not over it

This is 1000000x better than a plane.

I can walk around. I have leg room. I have outlets. I have a good view, not just some clouds and lights. I don't have people stumbling around drunk. No security beyond ticket checks. It's fucking great.

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Amtrak is my new favourite way to travel omg this is epic.

I gotta go this with my partners sometime...

I’ve been going through boxes of old film at the museum and scanning interesting things, including these incredibly cursed holiday-themed… idk, ads?

gonna get a Soviet rangefinder and refer to it as a Laika

somebody come get ‘em, they’re shopping vintage cameras

2nd person hypno microfic 

it’s a long ride so you decided to listen to some hypno on the bus but you didn’t know you’d slump over so your aftershokz are against the window and now all the other passengers are brainwashed too

cribbage is a good game, it fits in the margins really well, more people should learn it

anyway friend me on this thing and challenge me to cribbage or battleship or whatever

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