checked out a lot of tile map editors and Pyxel Edit seemed the most fitting for me (although not entirely free)

so now the tool is out of the way :3

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sadly Aseprite still doesn't support tiles, last release is v1.2 and tile map editor is planned for v1.3

it's research time! 🔬​

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recently had an idea to add various terrain tiles surrounding the road. it could greatly improve aesthetics of time trial tracks and i want that!!

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i don't really have a strict roadmap for my game, most of the time i'm trying to focus on its weakest aspects and do something different every time (e.g. 3d model rims, write code and layout for chat, draw pixel art) which makes it feel less exhausting and more fun :3

the other day i was scrolling through public timeline on Tusky and accidentally boosted something very gay

apologies, it should have been done on purpose

cloudflare changed their captcha provider and Google Chrome users are complaining they actually have to spend time solving them

bone emoji is going to be in the food category

today things are working as expected! and honestly i'm so relieved

everyone will look at it and think "this is a regular chat with emojis?" and not even know about the goat summoning rituals i had to go through

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let's see how open-source projects solve it, surely they should have some logical solutions

> // insert invisible character for fix caret position

ok nevermind

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made some progress with the caret issues but it seems nothing is going to work properly today

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it's a single line input so the first thing that breaks is horizontal scroll, you have to wrap it in another element

you want to paste text without copying styles of the app you copied it from, so you have to re-implement selection logic (obtain selection, remove selected text, add clipboard contents). this breaks the undo history

there are now more caret steps than there are spaces?

i absolutely love how it looks though

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so i wanted to show emojis in the chat input, Discord does that and i'm kinda used to it at this point

seeing :fоx: in the input is boring, and i don't want to show device emojis either

html shitpost 

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