me: *trying to scroll on a phone tilted to the side by 3 degrees*

tusky: you are going to a different timeline

TIL you can verify profile links on mastodon

the example only lists a visible link <a> but i checked unit tests and it can be a metadata tag <link> as well

connected to a battlefield 4 server

"You were assigned RU team based on skill"

damn they didn't have to roast me this bad

keeri awooed

Me: “Watch_Dogs was an unrealistic game because surely cameras are not so insecure that you can take them over by just walking past it with your phone?”

The tech irl:

decided to try something different for the music cd's page. kept 2 cd's that i liked the most but added a made-up software ui underneath :blobfoxsip: (will add more stuffs later)

dog outside just barked out a roblox death sound

someone: i quit another community since it turned into a "safe space"

me, a mod: oh do i have the news for you

here's something about me Mastodon doesn't want you to know:

i have fox ears

keeri awooed

> Website administrators could opt out from cohort calculation via special HTTP headers

i don't like the precedent of "add more bloat or we force an anti-feature on all your website visitors"

core of the issue is Chrome browser having users, i'd rather see a change in that than compliance

craftbook for generating random words is basically done now (link is in toot i'm replying to)

some results are very weird but it's a magic book so that's to be expected :upside_down_fox:

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hoping fedi ends up a positive experience for good beans :blobfoxcofe:

the tutorials that i'd seen for making layouts in css felt too complicated, and i wanted to try making a short one that focuses on illustrations. perhaps it'll be of use to someone

as for today, i started working on a curio – a craftbook that turns entropy into words. mostly for aesthetic reasons, but i might mess with it more to see if it can form interesting words more often

both of these can be found here:

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"i deleted my account on <instance name> because i found out there's an official mastodon instance"

oh no

keeri awooed

wrote a small web manifesto, it's now linked on the front page of

tiny bit less context if you visit it directly, but you can do that too:

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been meaning to write some thoughts on cryptocurrency and nft's for a while

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Youtube video, boost please? 

This is a great creator, he makes great queer content, and you should cosider helping him if you can help it, because seriously, hardly anyone puts as much effort into videos as he seems to:

(the video is about seven minutes long)

(also, I am not in any way related to the guy. I just really enjoy his content, and it'd be a shame if he had to slow down making stuff or maybe quit making it at some point)

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