confetti says trans rights 

the colors are semi-random so there are about 1:10 odds of getting this exact combination, but it sure makes me a little happier each time i get these "thrown" at me :3

was looking at open-source music players but none were really aesthetically pleasing to look at (yes that was my main requirement please don't judge)

then it occurred to me to look up specifically terminal based ones, and musikcube turned out pretty rad! just had to port a custom theme and switch the font

rip it was a good dating website

carx livery, furry art, drawn ec 

made this livery just before the new year, frickin love how it turned out

carx, + 

had a very fun drifting session with floofs

smol update 

on brek from gamedev, really hope to get back into it soon. larger updates can be heavy on me but i'm still filled with determination, and find the game fun

might change up the look of my sona a bit and see if i'm happy about it

still bad at Mastodon but glad to have met many frens on here

vague haikyuu reference 

my favorite volleyballs

mh (+) 

much happier about my voice after today :3

it can sound pretty cute and i didn't know??

keeri awooed
keeri awooed
keeri awooed

played 5d chess despite being bad at chess and its a lot of fun

fun fact: you can win by sending a bishop diagonally through time

yeah, thats right,

keeri awooed

Yo, I was actually drawing stuff this month - 25 little paintings aka inchies. And now I finally motivated myself enough to scan them. Had lots of fun with these and found joy in painting with watercolors again.

#mastoArt #inchie #smallart #animal #pokemon #landscape #art #cat #fox #dinosaur #watercolor

re: #gamedev update 

layout for the driving school course is sketched out, free roaming mode works too (which was handy for testing the sketch, even if it doesn't have the collisions yet)

initially planned to disable multiplayer for driving school but maybe it could serve as a hub of sorts, when not doing story missions? will structure it with mp support in mind, can toggle it off if it doesn't work out

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keeri awooed

Music Theory and White Supremacy

Adam has just outdone himself this time. I'm in awe. This is a work of art.

keeri awooed

Being privileged and disadvantaged at the same time 

It's really not that hard to understand that you can be disadvantaged and privileged at the same time.

I am disadvantaged by a disabling chronic illness that's taken much of my life away from me. But privileged by my partner and I being in a comfortable financial position, something many disabled people don't have.

I'm disadvantaged by being a woman, but privileged by being a white cis woman. I still experience oppression (sexism, patriarchy), but the oppression isn't as bad as that which a black trans woman will experience (sexism, patriarchy, transphobia and racism).

You don't lose anything by understanding your privilege. With some reflection and honesty, you can gain a better understanding of the intersections of different privileges and disadvantages, and how you can work harder, and be a better ally with others.


managed to get about 25% through Chapter 9: Farewell, and i'm really proud of that haha but i'm calling it quits here and watching a stranger play through the rest of it

the chapter is fairly difficult from the start but at some point the levels get so complicated that it would take me weeks to beat it – i appreciate the hardcore challenges, i have a game to make, haha

i need to get my game translated so i can say it has a lot of polish

re: #gamedev update 

at the start the events will likely take place at a driving school where you get to meet new characters and learn some gameplay mechanics

i'll need to design a pretty course area, where you can freely practice and eventually obtain a driver license (in a hopefully non-anxious way)

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