colored sketch, furry rat oc 

wanted to share a sketch of this good boi :3

he's 20-something years old, a tiny bit shorter than an average fur, for rodent reasons

name's Marcus and he's a driving instructor (which is barely reflected on his preferred outfits hehe)

i'm still trying to grasp his style, so holding off drawing clothes for now. will likely have 20% punk fashion, and possibly an open button shirt?

why did Tailwind CSS base the color scheme of their code on my fursona

design progress for in-game news section 

i imagined the "recent updates" section something like this, and to be honest i like it a lot!

planning to move the text and metadata into (monthly?) json files, have it aggregated and delivered from the server instead of just being hardcoded into client

but that's for anotter day or two

the background image is from the public domain by Jebulon. it's overlayed with css-based linear gradients that give it a poster-like effect

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time to add changelog to the game's frontpage, no reason to drag people into discord just to see what's new

i'm a little lazy when it comes to making custom-fit tools, even though they usually take a couple hours and vastly improve workflow

got some motivation last night to make a basic web app to review various data [from the comfort of bed] and save entries that look interesting, should be handy! it doesn't support displaying furry art yet

lesser gamedev update 

browsers without webgl wouldn't render cars at all, now there's silhouette images of them at least

3d modeling/rendering progress 

my original model of SNR 17 was pretty awful.. but still, i dig the progress :3

could use touch-ups in the future, good enough for now

3d modeling/rendering progress 

still missing a few things on the model but aaa

always wanted to experiment with reflection maps in three.js but they seemed difficult to get into (needed 6 images for each side of the cube)

turns out there's also an option of using 1 .hdr file, and polyhaven had plenty of these under CC0 license

confetti says trans rights 

the colors are semi-random so there are about 1:10 odds of getting this exact combination, but it sure makes me a little happier each time i get these "thrown" at me :3

was looking at open-source music players but none were really aesthetically pleasing to look at (yes that was my main requirement please don't judge)

then it occurred to me to look up specifically terminal based ones, and musikcube turned out pretty rad! just had to port a custom theme and switch the font

rip it was a good dating website

carx livery, furry art, drawn ec 

made this livery just before the new year, frickin love how it turned out

carx, + 

had a very fun drifting session with floofs

smol update 

on brek from gamedev, really hope to get back into it soon. larger updates can be heavy on me but i'm still filled with determination, and find the game fun

might change up the look of my sona a bit and see if i'm happy about it

still bad at Mastodon but glad to have met many frens on here

vague haikyuu reference 

my favorite volleyballs

mh (+) 

much happier about my voice after today :3

it can sound pretty cute and i didn't know??

keeri awooed
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