Hokay, so, the bible is often viewed as being up for interpretation.

In the beginning blah blah blah...

Adam was lonely, so god took a rib from him and made Eve.

So...we have something that is -genetically- male, but is female.

...Genesis 2:21-23 says Trans Rights.


I don't know what all PluralKit can do, but SURELY there's an option for it to include WHO THE FUCK IT POSTED ON THE BEHALF OF...

I don't have a fucking clue who this response is from.

Work Story, Staples 

I had to deal with an absolutely trash individual twice at Staples. Once as a temporary GM (which was nonsense anyway) and once while he was on a reflow team. This is the second one.

Not going into all of the events of this one. I was on -another- reflow team, but during a two week break, had to work my store, which is when his team was there, so I knew what was what for the reflow.

He broke a fluorescent light bulb. Which eh, team didn't break shit, but whatevs.

I found out he broke a light bulb first because I was close enough to hear it break. And second I hear 'BROKEN BULB MERCURY EVERYONE CLEAR THE AREA!'

...and then tried to keep me from entering the aisle with a broom, dustpan, and replacement bulb, saying they needed to call a professional to replace it.

...after a quick threatening with a broom and some choice language, I get in, get the bulb replaced, get the old one cleaned up...

And the fuckers break another one in the same section 5 minutes later -.-

Magic the Gathering 

Friends haaated my Merfolk Mill deck. Took me a while to figure out why.

...milling by activated ability. <3

Michigan, Opinion, Covid, Racism 

Yoopers are weak cowards.

I should clarify that my experiences are nearly exclusively the east side, -but- since I see 400 'UP' bumper stickers and such for every one 'EUP' item...there's some extrapolation here.

First, temperature. The people who kept condescendingly saying to me 'wait until you're up here for a winter'...even though I'm two winters in already....are the ones doing their best imitation of a sentient pile of coats when it dips into the 40s. Asking me where mine is. The heat complaints start in the low 70s. So, like...50-69, there's their complaint-free range.

Ice and snow. For all the people who are, like, 'I was driving on ice and snow before I could -crawl-'...first snowflake becomes visible, they slam down to 30 below and moves to the center so no one can pass them, afraid of being too close to the edge.

Masks. Fustercluck of people who're all 'muh liberties' who 'can't breathe' with a mask on, but can with 10 scarves over their face.

All the white supremacist shit I see up here also heavily implies they're afraid of anyone not white, soooo....

Y'know what?

If someone ever says I remind them of Sheldon, I should be legally allowed to challenge them to a duel on the field of honor.

One of them had links to: Google, Facebook, gmail, and their bank on the bookmarks bar.

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“If customers ever learn all we do is Google things, we’ll be out of jobs!”

More than once I watched someone…
Open Chrome (Homepage set to Google)
Type ‘www dot Google dot com’ in the search bar
Click the top link (Google)
Type ‘www dot Facebook dot com’ into the search bar
Click top link
Go to their messages
Click a link someone sent them to gmail
Scroll gmail
Open email from bank
Click link to bank webpage

…IT jobs are safe.

Why am I giggling now? 

Lunix, made by Russian hacker Linyos Torovoltos!

Something that occurs to me every now and then..I lovelovelove how Millennials keep getting blamed for things, like, the death of the mall.

By the time I could afford to go to them, they were dying, because our parents wouldn't take us to them.

"Nothing but overpriced garbage" I remember being told once.

Like...yeah. I know this. I'm aware of this. But there is -no other place- in most cities where I could go buy pants, music, a big pretzel, a smoothie, watch a movie, get dippin dots, and watch a kid fail to go up a down escalator.

If there were a mall in my area right now, I would go to it. Right now. I'm bored. I wanna mall crawl.

Don't blame the child for the sins of the parent.

Wondering if there's any way to scam these crypto folks out of their money without actually touching cryptocurrency myself

*sets up free headpats booth*

I'm gonna be so rich!

Why am I giggling now? 

"Snape!" Ejaculated Slughorn.

"Snape!" He nutted.

Oh, hey, it'd be nice to have a Gamestop near me.

NSFW-ish, Silly 

Big busty otter taurs begging for tum rubs~
Big busty otter taurs begging for tum rubs~

Script breaking, work story, uspol, labor 

So, while working at staples, they called a special meeting. They didn't -tell- us this, but it was because of the McDonalds employees striking for 15/hr.

So they eventually worked the conversation towards that. The manager finally said it.

" YOU think that someone who...-flips burgers-...should make more than you?"

There were some murmurs of those who were like 'hey, they don't need to make that much...' before I piped up...

"You're absolutely right. I should make more than a McDonald's employee. So, are we talking 18/hr, or gonna bump to 20?"

Script broken. Now all (except for the old lady who didn't need to work who had her husbands pension from his union job -.-....) were like '...hey, yeah, we SHOULD be making more'.

Manager -desperately- tried to change the subject. As this wasn't right. We weren't angry at the McDonald's employees. An entire store just realized 'hey, -WE- need more money'.

And that didn't fit the narrative.

Work, US 

While I 100% agree that your work day should start when you leave the house...

Okay, so...that's currently not the case for most jobs, right? In fact, I only know of one job (census enumerator) where that was explicitly the case.

I went looking for jobs in Dallas or Irving because, well, I wanted to move back to Dallas or Irving. Lived in one of the larger cities south of Fort Worth at the time. I was willing to do plenty of things to work over there until I could get an apartment. Keep a gym membership up for showering and sleep in the car, retrofit a van for living out of for a while...hell, I like driving, and 67 is peaceful enough of a drive to where I wouldn't mind the hour+/direction.

But...the second interviewers learned I wasn't RIGHT THERE? Interview over. I mean, they never said as such, but you could totally tell.

Now imagine if employers had to pay out for the drive. There would be -way- more open and active discrimination, especially for those who can't afford to live -in- the city.

"But remote work!"

I have a strong warehousing background. Can't really do that remotely.

The only real option, end of the day? Medicare for All and UBI tied to cost of living, housing costs, and inflation.


r/tumblr - decent enough post stealing, not everything's a winner, but some chuckles I haven't seen otherwise

r/curatedtumblr - Might as well be a subreddit about the old avengers TV show at times

Something that I've noticed happening the past few years when I go to get quotes for car repairs...

"Hey, can I get a quote for getting X, Y, and Z replaced?"
"Well, that'll all depend on whether or not Z needs to be replaced."
"I do not care if Z doesn't need to be replaced. I want Z replaced. How much will this work run, about?"
"Well, until we see if Z will need to be replaced, we won't be able to give you a quote."

Like...either they're not paying attention to me, or they operate on the '"look" at it before doing work and then proclaim that they legally can't let you leave without doing X, Y, Z, AA, AB, AC:BA'

Either way, I have no incentive at that point to continue doing business with them.

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