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30 years ago, 17 September 1991, the open source kernel was released. | BTW, is the better mascot.

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i... guess i'm dissecting the moto g8 plus stock system image to rip the NFC stuff out of it to turn into a magisk module o:

food, meat 

satori and i eat bacon, onion and potato hash with sausages, mushrooms and eggs, doused in meat lust ghost chilli hot sauce.

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If only I could be a brainless touhou like Koishi.

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hello friends! I am happy to announce that after 10 years of development, my project bespoke synth is finally ready for its full 1.0.0 release on mac, windows, and linux. you can get it for free at bespokesynth.com

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I don't know why you painted that tiger so sad, Kavaeric.

It's capitalism. It's the police. It's spaceflight. It's as good as we're getting for the time being.

You must settle for it. There isn't anything better.

The ends justify the means.


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I'm working on a mod that runs the Super Mario 64 engine! It's very WIP right now but here's some highlights

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