In Toronto for a few days, any lunch/dinner suggestions around Church and Wellesley?

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I'm so tired of owning a gas-powered car

Shibaken cosplaying as the Dream Traveller! Wahoo!

Commission from Charlie Nax! Thank you!

Must be really tired if I didn't turn my work PC off last night…

Final Fantasy XIV 

Throughout your journey in Final Fantasy XIV, your character endured prolific suffering and loss.

Endwalker doesn’t blindly ask of you your faith. Rather, it uses the trials of your character’s life as proof you already have the strength required to continue.

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Final Fantasy XIV 

Video games like to answer this dilemma of hopelessness with a protagonist or companions who have either boundless optimism or boundless strength. Whatever they have, it’s always enough to overcome the problem. It’s the same kind of toxic positivity of social media influencers. “Everything will be OK so long as you believe.” It’s a philosophy that takes the act of faith for granted without confronting the reality of how hard it is […]

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Final Fantasy XIV 

[…]to some degree, all Final Fantasy games, MMORPG or otherwise, are about hope. […] However, despite Endwalker’s unflagging commitment to “the power of friendship,” it’s the game’s unvarnished look at the other side of hope—oppressive and omnipresent despair—and the real strength it takes to maintain that hope in the face of such despair that makes it the best Final Fantasy experiences I’ve had in 30-plus years of the series’ existence.

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Gender Recognition Cert Help Needed :boost_ok: 

Does anyone here have experience with completing a UK Gender Recognition Certificate?

Please could you DM me. I'm looking to apply and need advice. I'm well aware they have a tendency to reject applications, so I want to make sure they have everything correct.

I'm also applying from Sweden as British living overseas, so that complicates things..

Woke up at 2am and proceeded to set up a Firefox development environment.

Building Firefox from source was surprisingly simple, if your home internet doesn't give out halfway through downloading.

And the compile only took 15 minutes.

Nosebleed just before the screening interview, great

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两年来总计游玩两百多次,约90小时(活动时间32小时)。真的不是每天运动而是 “不要放弃运动”!


After playing on again off again for two years, finally finished ! What a journey it has been!

The final boss was challenging! So many air cannons that I can barely continue... One attack knocked me down to one and a half heart, too! So close to failing the level! But somehow I made it though? I'm surprised how often my heart rate is over 150 BPM!

I've played about 90 hours in 200 sessions over these two years (active time: 31 hours 45 minutes), so it's very far from playing every day. It really is about "not giving up exercise"!

The ginger that I only bought last week has molded... I need fresh ginger for my curry.

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Bell v Tavistock Appeal is DEAD Y'ALL

UK Supreme Court said YES to puberty blockers!


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