Try never to tell someone to "Just Google it." Search engines tend to refine and curate results based on past searches, so the person being told to "Just search" will get inferior or counterfactual results. The curious or confused person asking for your help lacks your exocortex.

That said, we need to curate more of our own resources that others can safely search without running into spam, propaganda, or lies.

Telling people to "Just Google it" helps anti-vaxxers, hate groups and the like to survive and thrive.

@jaycie contextually, you are right, but if I may make another context: someone wanting mentorship, but coming with elementary questions which they haven't even begun to research. Learning to research- even google *correctly* is more valuable of a skill than I can teach

@jaycie not to mention that search results are often skewed by commercial interest. For some areas, you don't get the pages that best answer the question, much less unbiased information, you get the pages of the company that has poured the largest amount of money into SEO, including writing content specifically to bolster their seach engine ranking.

(Source: I worked in SEO for some years, and SEO is a major reason people book me for copywriting.)

@jaycie i am a bug person and telling someone to "just google it" wrt spiders / bugs / land arthropods in general will just get them horribly wrong pest control websites and mislabelled images. sometimes part of knowing is knowing where to look

@jaycie I hit this several years ago in an unexpected way! My 'just google it' results for BIPOC was bisexual people of color. I knew that was unlikely to be what he meant, but had no idea what the 'correct' result was. The Indigenous woman who told me was clearly irritated to need to. My first time realizing how deeply slanted my seaches were!

@jaycie If the topic's contentious, I'd start with Wikipedia's pages on filter bubble and DuckDuckGo, then give them a link to my own search results on the topic.

@Fishercat You can share your specific DuckDuckGo search results with others? Nice.

@jaycie Sure. When you do a search, the URL changes. Copy & paste the results URL.

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