Masto hive mind: I'm looking for your favorite camping tips, especially in regards to equipment and supplies. Boosts appreciated. Thanks!

@jaycie Tent stakes are important, and those little aluminum things most tents come with are nonsense.

Gratefully, every hardware store has big 1" metal spikes. Buy an appropriate number of them and a cheap hammer, throw 'em in your tent bag.

You'll want to let folks know where they are in the dark. A cut tennis ball will go over the end well; an empty aluminum can also works. Consider some of that orange or pink vinyl "tape" to tie around your tent's guy-lines.

@jaycie Luminoodle makes wonderful, rubber-encased LED strips in a variety of lengths. They run for hours on a simple USB battery charger. Can be strung out as area lighting or kept in its bag as a single glow lamp. It doesn't take long before folks start getting creative with placement.

@jaycie The northern hemisphere is headed toward winter, so consider getting a couple packs of Hot2Go reusable hand warmers. Lovely little things: you pop a piece of flexed metal inside them, and they provide heat for a good while. Boil 'em, reverse the reaction inside, and they're good for another go.

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