Reminder that US popular culture is pathologically individualistic.

Some of your perception of overdependence is likely a healthy amount of dependence in a chronically under-dependent culture.

(Actual overdependence is another matter that needs to be approached on different terms.)

@jaycie not sure if this is related, but it always baffles me how eager us-americans (especially white us-americans) are to get away and cut ties from their family as soon as possible

it feels like you're not a fully grown adult until you have bad blood with your parents

@romariorios There's a lot of genuine, chronic, often generational family dysfunction caused by both that same over-individualism and by consumerism.

The realtor-lead push for home ownership, for example, breaks up multi-generational households. Grandparents are no longer around to help raise the kids. Parents (especially single parents who lack social support) are often both working too much to give their kids enough time. Kids become overly independent as an adaptive response. Companies continue to profit by perpetually selling balms for and distractions from the underlying dysfunction without fixing the root causes. The cycle repeats itself.

The US continues to devolve, as a nation, towards perhaps the most subtly destructive of social structures, the suburbs.

@romariorios @jaycie yeah its a very disturbing thing, whenever i point out how bizarre it is for humanity people yell at me, lol

@georgespolitzer @romariorios Yeah. It's pretty messed up. Too much personal investment in their broader cultural identity in the absence of that same community identity.

@jaycie This has been on my mind _a lot_ as of late.

Especially true for shit like "gifted kid" syndrome. "Be a hero, do great things or you're failing at life. What great things? Fuck if I know, figure it out yourself!"

Also means that even in places where collaboration should be the most important tenet, what happens tends to be friendly rivalries -at best-.

@Kyresti Yep. And this despite all the research showing the productivity benefits of psychology safety. The same worker productivity that corporations allegedly value above all else.

@jaycie there's even people who think babies need to be more independent and cry it out, which, for a baby means not learning how to trust in others

@Sorl That is also very messed up. Bleeping Victorians.

@jaycie to be clear, I'm not advocating for this, I said it does psychological harm to the child since a baby getting their needs met including emotional needs is when they get the beginnings of being able to trust other people at all

as if we needed a scientific reason to comfort a crying baby, holy fuck

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