What should I charge for a 65k word visual novel?

Limited production values. No voice acting.

Asking because I'm going to put episode one of said queer furry visual novel on early access sale before the end of the month.

@jaycie Most quality indie games tend to run $9.99 unless there's full voice acting, in which case the price goes up to $14.99 or $19.99.

@kumamushi Don't know if Anthrotari would rank as a "quality" game but I could be underestimating myself.

@jaycie I generally define quality as "any game with significant passion put into it with creators that interact with the audience to improve the game over time". There's plenty of story-based games with nice looking assets, but the plot is otherwise lifeless.

@jaycie without knowing anything about visual novels or their pricing, $20 seems reasonable

@jaycie Aim high, you can always lower it later.

just saw someone today shocked at seeing writers charge as low as $5/1k words for *commissions* and i agree with them, i think a lot of creatives undersell themselves.

@flussence Strong agreement on both counts. Price too low out of the gate and you leave yourself with no room for sales.

@jaycie No clue where you're releasing, but $9.99 is usually decent, and Valve has a suggested pricing category for it.

re: obvious joke / unhelpful 

@k On the one hand: Kae.

On the other hand: That *could* make for a funny pre-release price.

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