@jaycie actually I wonder, what's the point of a furcon if it's online?

but still, nice

@xerz The VR part allows for some pretty decent socializing.

@jaycie yeah, but like, instead of a furcon per se, you can just organize events, anytime of the year, and it's not tied to any region, that's what I mean :blobcatthink:

@xerz On the other hand, existing conventions have ready-made crowds, slots on people's calendars, and teams of experienced volunteers. For them, it's just a shift in forums instead of starting from scratch.

There's also a lot to be said about the long-term value in maintaining continuity of an existing event. They should be relatively safe to attend by 2022 or sooner, after all.

@jaycie wait I thought there were no more cons in the NW lmao I would have gone last year

@k Dunno if they had it last year. I only noticed the con this year.

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