Perpetually amazed at the video game industry's obsession with game length.

We don't measure the value of books, shows, movies, or songs by their length but by their impact.

That obsession is a historical accident, from when all games and consoles were expensive and developers had few options for expression and felt pressured to justify such expenditures.

Such constraints and pressures don't apply to you. You can create a game at its most fitting length and you can spend only as much time as necessary to take it to that length. Your players need your game sooner rather than longer.

You don't want them to miss the final payoff because they got bored, do you?

@jaycie I feel like some people do measure them based on length

@jaycie I'd rather leave a player wanting more than having a game outstay its welcome.

@kumamushi Exactly. Serial fiction writers figured that out centuries ago.

@jens Plank's principle applies beyond science.

Oh, I'm not saying I think that longer is better. Just that some authors can't express themselves in less than ten books.

@jaycie Some of my favorite games of all time are extremely short.

But they're /so good/ and the length just isn't a factor.

Video Game Industry, Corporations 

@jaycie Also the old chasing the game length thing meant a lot of cheap games had to become horrifically hard to make them artificially 'long.' But somehow I doubt anyone would want to buy LJN 2.0: Angry Video Game Nerd's Nightmare AAA Modern Game Version.

Of course, what I've learned is the game industry is run solely by execs who don't play video games in any serious capacity and consider people who do to be some sort of gullible person. Similar thoughts are aimed at those who decide to try to work in the industry.

It's a captive industry, and because the people who care aren't anywhere near the controls, what we get is just the modern LJN: Endless filler missions, Assassin's Creed Style, in order to make games 'long' but ignoring quality or purpose...

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