People often ask me if I like white people, which kinda just makes me laugh because you can't exist in a racist country like the States and not interact with white people.

People like to believe I'm just this wild angry person all the time but in reality how I move/talk actually attracts the kind of white people I get along with.

White American culture teaches them to be violent adverse to anything that makes them uncomfortable so talking about the realities of racism is a great filter.

Further, the white people I get along with best are white people that actually examine their cultural context of whiteness and realize that is a world view that has been forced on them and not really what they are.

The white people I get along with best have taken the challenge to shed their whiteness and do the work to find their own history and origins and discover who they actually are.

This is a big point of connection because Black folks have to do the same thing.

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The white people I connect with realize that whiteness steals everyone's culture and replaces it with this quasi ideology based around bigotry and hate.

White people benefit financially from this but it hollows them out in virtually every other way.

White people that work to extricate whiteness from their identity are working to get their humanity and decency back, which was stolen from them.

These are the kind of white folks I attract. The ones that do the work for and by themselves.

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I'm a firm believer in not being a teacher for white people. I think Black America has spent enough time trying to teach white people how to be decent humans.

For a lot of white people this the end of the conversation, choosing to exist in their own myopia and self loathing.

For some, this isn't and they have a desire to be better people. It's hard often thankless work but that effort creates the space where they can connect with other people.

Those are the the kinds of white people I dig.

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The beautiful thing is when white people separate themselves from whiteness, it dawns on them that we actually have more in common than not because not only have we all been traumatized by the scourge of colonialism and racism but there is a larger narrative that exists globally that is trying to heal this violence.

Yeah, it's an uphill battle but you're never alone in it.

And engaging in that fight for humanity plays a big role in fighting to reclaim your own.

And that's EVERYTHING.

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