Consider: keeping a private spreadsheet of all the different ways you can reach online acquaintances so that you can see gaps in coverage and address them before a network shutdown/purge cuts you off.

I realized that I was describing a traditional address book.

But the innovation there would be in formatting: an additional section with a grid layout for indexing acquaintances against networks so that gaps in coverage stand out.

@jaycie Honestly, this sounds like a *great* idea for a piece of software.

Like, a relationship manager (what do management people call them? CRMs, or something like that) but just for keeping track of the ways to talk to people.

@ajroach42 Yeah. This would be a PRM (Personal Relationship Manager).

Goodness knows someone with my brain bugs would really benefit.

That said, we can't forget about the PPADs (Plain Paper Address Books) that can serve this save purpose with no chance of getting hacked and never require upgrades.

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