Petition for more e-Ink displays and fewer LEDs so that we're less inundated with unnatural light at night, especially in the bedroom.

More Kindles by candlelight, basically.

@jaycie I am now tempted to wonder what kind of UI you could make with only red LEDs

@jaycie my e-ink backlit kindle paperwhite only puts out blue light, annoyingly

some people put amber plastic over them or use glasses

@gatewave I know, right? I need to find my yellow glasses.

@jaycie there's a new one coming out with red/orange lights

@jaycie I really want a smartphone with only e-ink display. I miss the days of phones that last three days on battery. Even without color.

@neltnerb @jaycie I'm pretty sure that my phone has a thing where the screen is either on as this when I'm using it or it's like when you kind of pick it up and it it's only black and white so I wonder if you can have an e ink display integrated into a full color display so you could turn off the floor color at night and just use it being if you're only doing something like social media

@jaycie there isn't a whole lot of electronics in my bedroom. All my text stuff is located in my living room. I wonder if there could be a compromise whereby you have like bed posts and then curtains that go around at that completely Shield you from all incoming lights. This would also work in an environment where you don't have enough space to keep everything out of your bedroom, like if you are living in a studio apartment or if you are sharing an apartment if someone

@jaycie I have issues with light period, so absolutely.

@jaycie So much this. I feel like the health effects aren't going to be widely recognised for too many years, at which point so much damage will have been done.

@jaycie Maybe go totally #screenless in the bedroom? Keep the room purpose limited to sleeping, dressing and intimacy.

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