Serious about the idea of a Mastodon-like that respects Dunbar's number: limits on following counts, total number of local users, history length, etc.

The added friction to over-following could make the experience healthier for users, with the added benefit of allowing for substantial optimizations based on the constraints.

@jaycie the way I handled this on birdsite was by having private lists encoding varying degrees of familiarity. My thinking was that a lot of difficulty was hiw the feed made everybody seem to be within the same distance all talking in the same room. Dunbar's ideas seemed to suggest that the number is a results of being constrained in space and may actually be result of interaction norms manifesting in brain function.

@jaycie Wouldn't work too well with vanilla Mastodon. I think the trouble is the binary nature of "following" mapping poorly to attention.

One of the things that I wanted to do was have a system that kept track of interaction rates. Then give suggestions of who to migrate between the various lists.

I've been viewing instances as watering holes for social groups. I was thinking a similar system could be used, but inverted. It could recommend places to sign up + have accounts on.

You can probably do something similar even with separate accounts following different people. That would also help in adequately model real world interactions as people generally don't behave the same in different social groups. Having only one account though means you are allowed only one persona and only one degree of honesty with everyone.

@kunev @jaycie A lot of the earlier development of social systems (jaron lanier's "virtual reality") seem to take space constraints into account. Would need to be artificially derived one way or another.

I'm fond of the notion of some kind of limits and friction, but it wouldn't work out well if everybody involved didn't have some similar view of the network. I think that's why it would need to be a mastodon-like with social agreements maintaining those norms?

@jaycie I’m interested. How do you want the history length to be limited? Send out deletion notices to other instances or simply drop it from the db but not actually request for others to delete them?

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