When people say "You're doing Agile/etc. wrong," they're often right, but only if they include management and the organizational hierarchy among the blamed.

Agile methodologies, even SCRUM (as intended by the creators), are inherently incompatible with the power dynamics of most organizations, especially corporate ones.

More developer co-ops. More unionizing.


Remember that it's almost always management/owners who push devs to deliver half-finished software under arbitrary deadlines.

Imagine if engineers were told to deliver half a bridge? Software devs are asked to do this on the regular; only the invisibility/complexity of software has made it possible to get away with that for so long.


I'm certainly not advocating tsarism, but under the tsar regime russian engineers were made to stand under the bridge for the first train passage over it...

@jaycie Now combine agile and sociocracy and you've got something!

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