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By the way, I do all my pooptooting over at, in case you want to see my less-filtered and more frivolous self.

Kept today's entry for very simple. An exercise in minimalism and in making live changes to individual notes during recordings.

An inquiry against stability.

Glad I've gotten more aggressive with archiving podcast episodes in my feed that I would otherwise listen to for the sake of "completeness."

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Tonight's entry! Still figuring out the PO-128.

This is the sound of an important idea in your head realizing that nothing short of making itself incessant will help it get through your mental blocks.

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Sea urchins like to pick up shells and rocks and wear them as "hats"; the reason isn't well-understood, but it may protect them from predators or help weigh them down so they're less likely to be washed away during storms. So some aquarists have taken to making tiny hats for their sea urchins, which the urchins voluntarily pick up and put on:

Just spent a whole hour straight meditating.

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NEW DISC COVERERS EP! This month, we read Sir Terry's 1990 travelogue... parody... novella... thing, ERIC! Under no circumstances should you make the same mistake we did. #discworld #disccoverers #podcast

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i want shittier movies with less famous actors and a cast and crew who are paid more money to work less hours and produce less ""realistic"" content and im not kidding

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Man, that Google complaint is *explosive*. I don’t expect anything from them but this is underhanded. I hope they face actual consequences.

New track! First pattern from my new PO-128 megaman. Timeboxing this one both because it's late and this Pocket Operator works differently than I'm used to.

The sound of a routine that's never *quite* established.

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Tonight's entry! A loopy track for a loopy night.

The sound of your INT and WIS stats being swapped back and forth.

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while engaging in passive activities such as films or lesson, please do not forget to provide enrichment for your adhd friends by passing them entertaining objects such as ;
-pens (clickable)
-very small pieces of paper
-difficult to eat snacks

thank u

ADHD, strategic advice 

One secret to ADHD advice is that you need to hear it from someone else, many times, with no expectation that it will ever consciously stick. It could be multiple podcasts on the same topic, the periodic re-reading of a blog post or book, or your partner gently (with a safe word) reminding you on a predetermined schedule. Avoid receiving it in ways that would add negative associations, particularly ones with tones of guilt.

You need that advice precisely because you have a terrible struggle with remembering such tactics quickly or easily, especially in the middle of the very periods of executive dysfunction in which you need it the most.

Entirely unsurprised that the plural system is also a furry.

Our numbers grow.

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*just realized that was a pretty important person thanking me personally during said employee group meeting* 🙀

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