My current "word count" for this particular Anthrotari file is 7069. Nice.

Kinda fucked up that someone can take control of a company (and gain major influence over the lives of its employees) without a single word of agreement from those employees.

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this post brought to you by the extremely awkward silence in tech about npm's union-busting and amazon's hand in the camps from otherwise outright antifascist companies

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"Some on the spectrum have an ability to hyper focus, to rush through anything and work at paces that are considered [bonkers]. They can do this to the exclusion of literally everything else in their lives."

Úff, this is all too familiar. Still dealing with the aftermath of working like this for many years at a music streaming startup that became a big heckcorp, and realising too late what it was doing to me.

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So odd to see commenters on orange site frame the EU's regulation/taxation of Google/Amazon/etc. as "attacks on US companies" when they're really multinational conglomerates without a bone of reciprocal nationalism between them (that also have whole public relations staffs who get paid to defend them).

What's the state of the evidence on whether small businesses are threatened more by corporate hegemonies (e.g. Amazon) or by workers' rights legislation (e.g. minimum wage increases)?

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On the one hand, I am a strong partisan of the 'You Can't Grep Dead Trees' school of textual media.

On the other hand, you know what you can do with dead trees? KEEP THEM. LEND THEM TO PEOPLE. When some company wants to switch to digital media because they're facing pressure from the resale market, that simply means they're going to charge people an arm and a leg for textbooks that /expire/ and nobody but the Licensed Renter can look inside of.

Heck, come to that, when you have your book in a DRMd format, much of the usefulness of not being written on the corpses of former trees goes away, since an adversarial interface strictly delineates what you may do with it.

(Yes, I want DRM illegal. I want its legislative cronies out of office. I want anticircumvention laws burnt to the ground.)
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Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, bringing down the establishment do something for the pure pleasure of it.


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Communism vs Capitalism in America 

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case):

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