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#adventuretime #princess bubblegum
i sure dont know exactly what im doing here 😂 so im just gonna gradually dump stuff here 🥂 cheers!

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Please remember that there are also more alternatives for the Fediverse than GNU Social, Mastodon and Pleroma. You should take a look at https://friendi.ca/ and https://project.hubzilla.org/page/hubzilla/hubzilla-project, both are very interesting projects!
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what is my #litepub proposal exactly?

it is meant to be a subset of #activitypub which is reasonably simple to implement with robust security properties, based in part on Pleroma's ActivityPub Internal Representation:

- no JSON-LD, but valid #litepub messages will pass validation against the https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams @context, providing #activitypub compatibility

- HTTP signatures required for object integrity validation (activitypub requires no specific validation method)

- unowned objects are always referenced by IRI giving the originating server control over their integrity (deleting objects is safe in a conformant implementation)

- Optional WebFinger integration for account discovery

- Subset of W3C ActivityStreams 2.0 core vocabulary matching what is really used in the real world

- Stronger requirements on what actors and attributedTo objects may be.

- IRCv3-style extensions instead of JSON-LD, since implementations will need to parse them anyway.
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One of the things I kickstarted at Creative Commons when I was tech lead (though wasn't there for the completion of) was CC BY-SA and GPL compatibility, and one of the use cases was games. Happy to see that Wesnoth now supports GPL or CC BY-SA for assets: wesnoth.org/start/1.14/

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Last month a large number of full price commercial #games (including big names such as Civilization and Elder Scrolls) were revealed to contain the tracking software Red Shell:


If games were #OpenSource, it would be easier to avoid spyware 😟

But though they're rarer, open source games do exist 🕹️ 👾 👍

Some lists:


gitlab.com/Ashpex/Linux_Games (via @Ashpex)


#FOSS #OSS #LibreGaming #Gaming #VideoGaming #PCGaming #VideoGames

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“There is a principle of Defensive Decentralization: when besieged, a well constructed decentralized system will further decentralize.

The corollary of which is: A well constructed decentralized system will identify & attack emergent centralization.

A problem I’ve been considering recently is the tendency for decentralized systems to develop emergent centralization in response to non-adversarial conditions e.g. to improve scalability.” fieldnotes.resistant.tech/defe

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"Don't Talk to the Police" - A defense attorney and a #cop tell you why you should not talk to the #police, ever, under any circumstances.

One of the few good things about the #USA is the #5thAmendment. Use it.


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Twitter is like a black hole. A deep gravity well with an insane amount of destructive energy swirling around it.

Imagine growing up near the event horizon of a black hole, then finally making your way out of the accretion disk, to realize there is a calm, quiet galaxy full of stars and nebulae and planets and life.

That's what getting onto the fediverse feels like.

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What's the best casual web game around right now?

I'd prefer something that's engrossing but not addicting, and that I can play for shorter or longer periods of time.

For a long time my go-to was "reactor idle" reactoridle.com but I find I pay a bit too much attention to it in the background.

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Meatpunks comes out tomorrow at NOON EST!! woulda been noon pst like usual but i am an impatient fucker

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"They are platforms forged in the fires of troll culture, founded and operated by techno-libertarians who didn’t understand why they had to care about any of this. They set out with no intention to moderate at all. Zuckerberg just wanted to rate hot girls, after all. But in 2018, the staggering effects of non-moderation are just starting to hit them, and they have little idea how to address or even intellectually engage with the idea. "


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Apparently all payments using Venmo, including the real name, are public by default for everyone! venmo.com/api/v5/public?limit=

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this is brilliant Elon Musk Submarit game 😂

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"Stigmatise those who let people die, not those who struggle to live."