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What would you all pay for custom, resin-printed collar tags? Text would always be to order. BYOC (Bring Your Own Collar.)

All prices would be USD. Shipping would be separate.

Boosts appreciated!

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By the way, I do all my pooptooting over at, in case you want to see my less-filtered and more frivolous self.

Speaking as a career software developer, this comic is so very true that it hurts:

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Opsec reminder 

Maybe I'm preaching to the choir here, but please, NEVER, EVER, EVER advocate for anything illegal online. Especially if it threatens the status quo.

At best, you'll be banned from your account. At worst, you can be arrested.

Leave that stuff for the darknet and in-person meetings.

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art with eye contact 

the poets. i think they'd get along

Can't wait to work more on this Infinite IKEA game idea because it feels like Don't Rest Your Head the roguelike in many ways.

The "self" part of self-care is the most dangerous part: So many if not most of the issues that society expects to see "fixed" by self-care have their roots in being denied interpersonal connectivity and the social support that provides in the first place.

You need people more than pedicures, even if it's just a friend coming over to do the dishes you've been too tired to clean all week.

You can't get what you don't ask for, either, and the research shows we overestimate how much others would be glad to help us if we only asked! Helping others feels good, we know, but you're allowed to be the person getting that help.

Also, I have a lot of books and other media I'll be putting up for sale/for giveaway (plus S&H) so watch this space! Just need to start sorting through what I've pruned so far.

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Where do y'all go to sell used books? Online, in NYC, or Astoria in particular?

Boosts encouraged!

health (minor -) 

Not excited for this soreness in the back of my throat is from something very minor (like my throat drying out in my sleep) and not something I caught.

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Hey! I'm taking commissions for makin these derpy little face icecreams!

For $20 I'll make you a blender model of a derpy face icecream of your OC or any character you want

This is my first time doing commissions ever so to start out im only going to take 3 slots, and preferably want to get them done today.


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Computer, ARM history 

The ARM chip was also designed to run at very low power. [Sophie] Wilson explained that this was entirely a cost-saving measure—the team wanted to use a plastic case for the chip instead of a ceramic one, so they set a maximum target of 1 watt of power usage.

But the tools they had for estimating power were primitive. To make sure they didn’t go over the limit and melt the plastic, they were very conservative with every design detail. Because of the simplicity of the design and the low clock rate, the actual power draw ended up at 0.1 watts.

In fact, one of the first test boards the team plugged the ARM into had a broken connection and was not attached to any power at all. It was a big surprise when they found the fault because the CPU had been working the whole time. It had turned on just from electrical leakage coming from the support chips.

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once again thinking of the sheer scale of unsupported device e-waste and how the only things preventing them seeing another life are small blobs of proprietary code that all together probably wouldn't fill a run-of-the-mill flash drive

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Artist tip: No one can judge you for your warm-up drawings.

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once read a story about some parents who decided instead of telling their young kids that Santa isn't real, told them that Santa is a spirit of joy and unselfishness and that the big secret is that people have the power to do what Santa Claus does and the kids responded by combining their allowance to buy slippers for a neighbor that was always cranky with them. They wanted to give him Christmas joy too. I'm.

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my favorite thing about the CA DMV license plates going around is that in 2020 a court ruled that the CA DMV was too strict about license plates and violating the first amendment

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"just write down your todo list every day in a plain notebook"

statements dreamed up by the utterly neurotypical

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