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By the way, I do all my pooptooting over at, in case you want to see my less-filtered and more frivolous self.

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That new VRchat beta camera is pretty good! Here's @jaycie looking fabulous

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hooking up is antifascistische Aktion. in this essay I will 

1. racialisation, anti-semitism and ableism are obviously cornerstones of fascism.

2. patriarchy is an often underappreciated foundation (see Ewa Majewska for discussion). Therefore modern fascist's demonisation of "gender ideology".

3. it follows that queer feminism is antifascist. (and terfism is a fascist impulse, but we all knew that even before Butler elaborated on it.)

4. the common strand of fascism is a drive to uniformity and stability, eventually an eternal immutable homogenous state; i.e. it's a death cult.

5. the death cult in traditional masculinity has a familiar form: 'witness me', glorious death in battle, self+sacrifice thru labour etc. Majewska notes that traditional feminity is also suicidal heroism; woman as childbearer has to supress every pulsation of life and desire, lives in a state of constant self anihilation.

6. life is by nature kaleidoscopically multiplying ungovernable eternal change. Life *is* diversity. Life is knobs, spectra, and chaos-theoretical unpredictable complexity; it is not toggles, binaries, blueprints.

7. the State is not, as Marx eurocentrically held, an inevitable consequence of agriculture or technology. the base does not determine the superstructure; decolonial anthropology shows this in basically every case. history is rich with the refusal of States well after the invention of these (see "Worshipping Power", Gelderlos), and indeed still now.

8. The State has the same goals as fascism.

9. Known States expanded by force, via imposition of religion. As in Gelderlos' title, Statism is literally the worship of power, the ideological commitment to submission as a net good.

10. Capitalism is a late stage of statism which secularises the divine right to ownership of the means by a particularly clever ideological trick; rather than deserving to be owners because they're appointed by gods, or descended from gods, the capitalist deserves to own because he owns; his ownership is advanced as proof of worth (industriousness, genius, inventiveness etc.). This Ourobouros reasoning is what makes capitalism such an unvaccinable virus.

11. Capitalism has however a weakness. In shedding the numinous to become a chameleon, it is fundamentally unsatisfying. You can sincerely have faith and extract meaning from serving Amon-Ra or Britannia, but nobody finds meaning in serving Bezos.

12. Fascism supplies this missing meaning to life richly, by worshipping death. It is one endstate of the State after capitalism.

13. Anything that supplies meaning through life rather than death will open a path towards a different endstate. Diversity, joy, queerness in the purest sense of the ripping of labels, the manufacture of new labels, the creative individual freedom of spontaneus chaos—there's a reason States/fascism call this "corruption"," dissipation", "decadence"; they *are*; they directly erode the project of control/eternality/death.

Put more concretely, if you make kinky porn and that kinky porn helps a fascist's daughter find out she's lesbian, you have won over death in life. This is an antifascist action.

14. Carework is marginalised by States (capitalism, fascism) for a reason. As a cohesion element of horizontal ungovernable bonds, mutual care is the glue of non-State socities, and something States deliberately have to erode to expand over free folk (e.g. by coöpting local identities and hierarchising them). The State _needs_ people to not depend on one another (debt in the gift economy forms bonds; when State money is imposed by force, it creates a culture of debt as a bad thing, except the indebtedness to the State (taxes, rent, royalties etc.) which is eternal and never quittable. (Graeber's "Debt")

It follows that carework is, in the most literal and concrete sense, antifascist action (Rituals of brutalisation in fascist socities are the converse of this. Brutalisation creates fascists, care and love creates antifascists).

15. Queer love is mutual carework.

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PSA is a bot sending spam DMs pretending to shill for the new official mastodon app and shortlinking to very obvious virus scams

do not visit that link (i did safely to investigate) and if you do, don't download whatever the fuck is on there

Sketched another piece for , this time for Saturday. Going to post more actual work tomorrow because it's already absurdly late tonight.

Visual novel idea: A bounty hunter (an obvious Samus Aran proxy) getting actual therapy for her PTSD.

Here's my belated entry from last Friday, back from the camping trip. Enjoy!

I'll continue posting more of my backlog over the weekend.

I missed yesterday but not today! Music sketching time.

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Oculess is a tool that can remove the telemetry and mandatory #Facebook login from Oculus Quest #VR devices.

Now the question is how do I use this thing with Steam on Linux - if it's at all possible :thonking:

Dangerous spam alert: Watch out for unexpected DMs which claim that "Someone cloned your profile." The link points to a malware site.

Looking forward to playing more Animal Crossing after today's Nintendo Direct.

I misplaced my earphones during the camping trip. 😿 Right as we were tearing down, at least, so they're probably somewhere here at home.

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promare, long 

Promare was so fucking good like

Not only was it a studio with a history of no-homoing the dudes in their work outside of awful stereotypes just like, letting the kind of relationship that fills their work be a queer masculine one, the story is also about queer liberation, of giving the same 'fuck yeah let's wreck shit' attitude to explicitly queer characters AND to subtextually queer oppression (or at least, oppression that is vague enough that it's easily applied to queer people, signified with queer iconography)

It's not, like, a sophisticated exploration of queerness or anything, because it's a fucking Studio Trigger giant robot fights anime! It's a movie for queer fans of that kind of work, something where their struggle is ended the same catharsis that was given to moody adolescent boys in Gurren Lagann, etc.

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promare, long, queer art 

Like a lot of queer art is about humanizing, justifying, or otherwise defending the existence of queer people from a hateful world, whether that is textual or meta-textual. That's great! A lot of queer people need that. They need to realize that they are good and deserve love and tenderness, and to have a chance experience anything other than hate and derision and mockery

Promare doesn't bother with that shit tho! It is utterly uncompromising. These people deserve to exist, and be who they are, done, time to move on. That's step one. Step two is beating the ass of anyone who has anything to say otherwise, with a massive fuckoff robot

I think there's a lot of room for that kind of story. Stories that are *for* us more than they are *about* us. Stories that don't try to depict the breadth of queerness, stories that don't feel the need to justify it. Stories that are just fun as fuck if you're gay as hell, with cute boys kissing and massive robots and shit

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My work has been moving pretty slowly this last month while I'm getting used to some new medications.  I want to thank all my current clients for their patience as I'm now starting to get back to drawing again.

In the meantime, I am running behind on rent and other expenses.  If anyone would like to commission something with the understanding that it might be some time before I can begin work on it, I'm happy to add new names to my commission queue.

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