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People talk about how Linus is a genius like his toxic, abusive behavior was the price of benefitting from his genius.

I can't help wondering how many better operating systems and better version control systems withered in the minds of better engineers than Linus, because open source's toxic culture pushed them out.

Game idea: JRPG where the protagonist is the only non-silent character.

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If people "looting" a Family Dollar bothers you, but this doesn't, you might be a fascist (and you definitely are an asshole) #FuckCapitalism #Florence

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Feeling frustratingly alert at this late hour for someone who only had the one decaf this morning.

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another thing

IMO, "Linux" is too general of an interest to form large decent communities over, smaller communities seem to be fine (like for example the IRC channel I met @chosafine in all those years back) but once they get to a certain size it attracts unpleasant people

I suppose that is a more general statement on how communities work

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my extremely general community management advice:

excise the rot before you become the rot

this does not necessarily mean kicking a person out but it does mean decisive action

"hey that thing you just did is shitty, please knock it off, apologise and don't do it again"

and from there one can escalate further as needed

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"This is 'Keys'. She keeps putting her paws in the air and nobody knows why." - imgur.com/gallery/1OVsa

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@seldo like if you *actually had* MULTIPLE billions of dollars, you could take ONE of those billions and hire 50 thousand people, each with the singular job of making the world a better place somehow with $20k *each*.

That's more employees than Sprint.

It's an obscene amount of money.

Steady progress on Anthrotari. Hitting a snag where changing dialogue modes programmatically isn't working as expected but I'll plug away at it again tomorrow.

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Everyone is always so focused on the “super” and “hyper” keys on Lisp keyboards, but I find the 👎 and 👍 keys a lot more fascinating. #retrocomputing

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Unions don't pose a threat to corporations nearly so much as they pose a threat to power-abusing individuals within corporations.

You can be the best-intentioned boss, supremely earnest in your belief that those under you can be honest with you and that a well-reasoned argument will change your mind, but you will never get that kind of unreserved conversation in the first place as long as the typical corporate power dynamic remains in place.

Good error reporting and good conversations have a lot in common:

* Timely
* Relevant
* States the facts without making assumptions
* Concise without dropping essential information
* Clearly states which specific assumptions were violated

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