And time to search for artists to get a ref sheet or plain ol' commission-based-on-written-description again x.x

this might be an attempt to make a Telegram clone with Discord/Skype-like features, using Matrix protocol.

don't ask why I started looking into doing this

further explanation is that there's a cryptography library written in C. the elements of the library use complicated pointer magic, which I'm not going to attempt to figure out to re-code it in Go

have I ever told you how much SWiG is pain, especially with Golang

c-for-go is no better

I got a job offer this morning

why am I feeling bad if I should feel happy :/ arrrggghhh

On this timeline we celebrate Transgender Visibility *every* day.

Haven't been using this much except for personal stuff, but hi!

Happy to everyone :3

I wanna give a shoutout to my trans friends on Fedi

On (And every day) you're loved.

@Sir_Boops I re-coded your s3/b2 thing to fit in a single binary, since Minio has apparently stopped supporting b2:

Spent Xmas and New Years hanging out with @foxwitch, @Kyna, my mate Grey, and a few others that ended up super fun for me, restoring a lot of happiness and energy and wishing the trip weren't over. Ugh, time to get to work on a few things now x.x

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Imagine cuddling your mate after watching a bit of an Indiana Jones marathon, and leaving the TV on in the other room

Imagine readjusting in your cuddles, by doing a flop on your back, and a loud Wilhelm Scream occurs on the TV

Boost if

All Girls are Cute
All Girls are Wonderful
All Girls are Beautiful
All Girls are Valid
All Girls are Deserving of Love

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